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Photoshop CS3 not opening more than one image at a time?

Asked by sacaver (433points) September 8th, 2008

Installed Photoshop CS3 on an Intel PC running Vista Business. It won’t allow me to open more than one image at a time. With more than one file, the program crashes.

Anyone have a solution to what has now become a most annoying problem?

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none other than the obvious. close all other programs you have open while you run photoshop. Set up as many scratch disks as you can.

Also try opening some different smaller files just to test and trouble shoot.

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How much RAM do you have and how big is your hard drive? How big are the images you’re trying to open?

Like Bri said, try some really small images to see if that works. Failing that, it might be worth getting in touch with Adobe.

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2 MB RAM in the computer. 180 GB drive.

Initially, the images I was trying to open were about 20 MB in size. Then I went and tried the smaller image files (100 kb). Those crash the program, too.

I just put Adobe on another computer, an AMD-based board, and there’s no problems. I’ll deauthorize and try a reinstall on the other one.

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Yeah, if it can’t open 100 kb then somethings up. Is the same operating system on both? That is weird.

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Yeah, same system on both. Only difference is the processor (Intel vrs AMD).

BTW, thanks for the answers on this!

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Interesting. No prob. Let us know how it goes.

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Bri_L: How do you set up scratch disks? How do you clean up your existing ones?

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If you go to preferences>preformance.

Not only can you set up a scratch disk but you can set how much of your ram photoshop uses.

Also if you have external hard drives, at least for movies, it is better to use them first for scratch disks first before your main drive. that way your not reading and writing to and from that drive as much.

Hope that helps

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Bri: Awesome. That was really helpful. (My scratch disks are always full!)

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No problemo, glad to help

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Tried all of the above and it was still misbehaving. Uninstalled, reinstalled and it’s all working just fine. Who knows???

Thanks for the help on this.

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hey, somethings that the thing. the mysteries of computers.

Sorry you went through all those hoops.

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Here is the actual problem. Same thing just happened to me today at work.. A little digging through Adobe’s support area yielded the problem and it fixed it immediately..

This issue occurs when Photoshop or Photoshop Elements is unable to communicate with the printer that is set as the Windows default printer.

You may encounter this issue if the default printer is not available or if its drivers are damaged, out-of-date, or incompatible with Photoshop or Photoshop Elements.

If you use a network printer, conflicting permissions or other issues with your network connection may also cause this issue.

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WOW! Nice find azshall. That is f’d up.

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Yep. Works like a charm. As it turns out, when I reinstalled the software, I also turned on the printer to make a print. So I just thought I had “fixed” the problem. Turn off the printer, and sure enough, there’s the error.

Thanks again azshall for the info!

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Great fix!!!! I was racking my brain so much b/c it looked like a memory issue. sheesh! Az is a ninja!

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