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Vaccines are coming out...what then?

Asked by seawulf575 (13299points) December 19th, 2020

Throughout the Covid-19 issues, we have heard all sorts of things that have to happen and there have been goals set. For example, shutting down of economies until the infection rate levels off then open them back up in a measured way. The other side of this coin would be masks and social distancing being mandated until the pandemic is over but that end point really isn’t specific.

So now we have vaccines coming out and they are being touted as something everyone should get. They are being used to inoculate people so they cannot spread the disease and we can cut the number of people that could spread it and catch it. There is an end point of 80% inoculation rate being thrown around as a goal. But some “experts” are now saying that it really doesn’t matter if you are inoculated or not, the restrictions on travel, masking, social distancing and the rest will still be in place since you might still infect people.

So what is the benefit to society of the inoculation? If all the restrictions are still going to be in place, what is the end point? And if you can still infect others or get infected yourself after inoculation, what good is the vaccine? Or is this one doctor spouting garbage and if so, why?

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Unfortunately this has become a political weapon. The more lockdowns, the more masking, the more social distancing you advocate, the more you care. I’ve heard estimates years before we get back to normal and maybe even never getting back. It’s not about stemming the tide but more about showing you care. I can’t help but wonder how long before we start stoning those that defy the restrictions.

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Did you read the MSNBC article ? ?

It says it will be June or July before enough people get the vaccinated not “SHUTDOWN THE ECONOMY”. —Everybody can’t get vaccinated in the next three weeks or three months.

The Idea of quarantine is to keep people that might have been exposed from spreading the virus, not close everything down; look at New Zealand. The only people in the last six months to come down with COVID-19 are people in quarantine after arriving in New Zealand. REPEAT WHILE IN QUARANTINE. No one was exposed to them.

Duh ! ! What did Trump do NOTHING ! (Except no foreigners could come to the states; all the US citizens came back and passed viruses all over) !

Bottom line get vaccinated !

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What I’ve heard from multiple people in the medical profession is mask wearing and social distancing throughout 2021. Not years into the future.

What I do appreciate now is not being packed into public spaces. The idea of not being packed into planes and movie houses and theaters and such is very appealing to me. The idea of not necessarily having to drive to a meeting and everyone sits around a table, stuffing their faces with company-bought lunches, but instead, staying home and doing the meeting via Zoom, is very appealing to me. The idea of taking my daughter to the orthodontist and sitting in the car, waiting for them to call me to tell me to send her in, instead of 10 moms and kids packed into a waiting room is very appealing to me. I hope those things remain.

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It’s pretty simple, once enough people get vaccinated to where hospitals are not over capacity and people stop getting seriously I’ll from it we will mostly return to normal.

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@Tropical_Willie At no time did I say to not get vaccinated. And I didn’t state anywhere that the vaccines would be put out right away. Nor did I malign the restrictions. Nor was this a Trump questions. What I did point out is that in some cases there is an end point for the restrictions being mentioned. In others it is very nebulous and in this case it seems to be none at all.
And in the article you wanted to imply I didn’t read was a medical analyst, Dr. Vin Gupta from MSNBC, stating that even after the vaccine that masks and all the various restrictions would still be needed to make sure we don’t spread the disease. It was my understanding that the vaccine was to help prevent getting the disease. And if you can’t get the disease…if you have the antibodies…you can’t spread the disease either. So the other part of the question involved the validity of this statement. If it is medically sound that after getting the vaccine you can still get and spread the disease, then what good is the vaccine? And if the statement is bogus, why is a medical professional stating such garbage.

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@AYKM where is that written? And if it is true, then why is this medical analyst spreading a bogus narrative?

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I think @AYKM has it right. The shut downs here in California are determined by hospital capacity. If more people are vaccinated, fewer people are getting sick, there are fewer hospitalizations resulting in more capacity and thus the restrictions can lessen.

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@Demosthenes I’m not arguing it makes sense, but where is it written? Where has it been put forth as the end point? I can’t find anywhere that it actually says that is the end point of all this foolishness. And if it makes sense, why HASN’T it been put out loudly and clearly?

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The rules on masking should stay in place even if you’re vaccinated until such point as the pandemic is over. The vaccine will PROBABLY prevent you from getting the disease, but you could still possibly be infected and have an asymptomatic case with spread. It is just not known yet. Also, let’s say, for the sake of argument that it completely eliminates the risk and you CAN safely go around without a mask. Well, what’s to keep you from just going around without a mask and lying saying, “I’ve been vaccinated” when really you’re a superspreader?

No, everybody should wear masks until the pandemic is over, and it will be over. Personally, I think wearing masks is an excellent idea anyway and I will probably continue the practice. I haven’t gotten one cold since this whole thing started, and it’s because I’m not shaking hands and I’m wearing a mask everywhere. Ironically I feel great.

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People need to wear masks so it’s a social normal while we are trying to get everyone vaccinated. Peer pressure matters.

There is a small possibility people who are vaccinated might still get sick, be asymptomatic, and be contagious, but I find that extremely doubtful. I don’t know of that happening in any of the trials, but they are watching for it.

Once transmission of the virus slows down there will be fewer restrictions. I don’t think health officials are waiting for zero cases before they say we can get back to normal. What they hopefully will do is get much more targeted in following up with covid positive people and keeping them quarantined so the rest of the country can function normally.

If we can get over 80% vaccinated we will still see clusters of virus like we see pertussis and measles.

It will be nice if we care more about all infectious disease going forward and maintain some best practices to protect each other and ourselves. If there is an outbreak of covid or flu in your area, people can be more cautious for a couple weeks. Help prevent the spread.

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Fauci said once we get the vaccine we’ll still have to wear the mask and social distance.

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And I believe him as should the rest of you.

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What then is the more people gets the vaccine once available the better. They themselves are protected and the virus has no more power over mingling groups of vaccinated people.

Those who refuse to get vaccinated for whatever reason I sincerely wish them good luck as they and the rest of the world move on living their post-pandemic lives.

Btw, also what then is the American people must demand from their elected politicians policies on how to prevent another pandemic.

And hold them accountable if they mess up again like sociopathic trump and his incompetent minions.

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I personally do not give a flying fuck if masks become a social norm mandated or not. I would rather not have a stranger’s germs near me pandemic or otherwise.

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