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Vaccines are coming out...what then?

Asked by seawulf575 (13865points) December 19th, 2020

Throughout the Covid-19 issues, we have heard all sorts of things that have to happen and there have been goals set. For example, shutting down of economies until the infection rate levels off then open them back up in a measured way. The other side of this coin would be masks and social distancing being mandated until the pandemic is over but that end point really isn’t specific.

So now we have vaccines coming out and they are being touted as something everyone should get. They are being used to inoculate people so they cannot spread the disease and we can cut the number of people that could spread it and catch it. There is an end point of 80% inoculation rate being thrown around as a goal. But some “experts” are now saying that it really doesn’t matter if you are inoculated or not, the restrictions on travel, masking, social distancing and the rest will still be in place since you might still infect people.

So what is the benefit to society of the inoculation? If all the restrictions are still going to be in place, what is the end point? And if you can still infect others or get infected yourself after inoculation, what good is the vaccine? Or is this one doctor spouting garbage and if so, why?

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