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What's the best thing that happened to you today?

Asked by Jeruba (55941points) December 20th, 2020

Define “today” as any block of time that overlaps the past 24 hours, as of when you read this.

Or, if you’re prescient, the coming 24 hours as well.

Tags as I wrote them: today, present, joy, pleasure, goodness, happiness, cheer, lightness, positive experiences, silver linings, a break from gloom, only 30 more days

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I woke up and my world hadn’t changed.

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My sister stopped by for a 20 second visit. We were masked and socially distanced.

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I medical problem I was having seems to be getting better.

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I made it into work although I was late.

Sounds stupid but I ran out of my medication and I couldn’t sleep at all last night, was feeling like I was going to puke, and was super emotional and crying. I almost called in. But I made it through an 8hr day and now I am headed to bed to hopefully sleep better. Also, I played a game with my nephew and that always cheers me up

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My family was approved to adopt two female senior dogs. We met the foster parents and dogs today and we were a perfect match. They’ll be in our home in two days.

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My wife got a job interview. Yay! Fingers crossed.

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My friend and his wife dropped of Christmas cookies as an excuse to check how I was after getting out of the hospital on Saturday.

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@zenvelo: What a nice thing to do.

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The nick picking and daily or sometimes hourly arguments stopped, so I assume that everyone’s tuned into Christmas now?
Got a few Christmas cards on m door, now I am busy with that ( Cards to send to relatives in distant towns).
I rearranged my living room so that its much better and roomier .
Threw out a lot of old papers that piled up on bookshelves etc
Next clear out the storage area of forgotten and therefore not needed items, but might wait until springtime to do that chore?

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Took a walk and got a killer photo of a blue heron on a branch over the lake. It looks like a Japanese print.

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My heart continues to function normally.

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I’m still feeling the sense of happiness from yesterday’s Christmas party at my center.

I came to my center in the morning, equipped with my pre-made Christmas cards, my box of 60 colored pencils, my hat and reindeer horns, and my presents. Everything basically went as planned: the kids colored their Christmas cards and wrote their wishes while the marketing team photographed them. To my relief the kids weren’t uncomfortable having people taking pictures of them. One of them really liked my color box to boost.

Then something happened that didn’t quite fit in my plan. My boss wanted my class to come down and take pictures with the Christmas tree. I didn’t plan for that and became worried it would take away the time for my other activities. I watched the kids take photos while looking anxiously at my watch. To make matter worse, I had to take photos with my colleagues after the kids were done. Fortunately my colleagues also got their activities with their classes and they all wanted to finish up as soon as possible, so I still got some time left.

I came back to my class and we played a hidden object game. I had prepared a large picture and the kids had to find the objects I told them to within the time limit. This was where the presents came in. The game was just an excuse for me to give away presents.

Then the kids and I sang a song we had already practiced while the marketing team recorded it. It was another requirement of the marketing department and my boss. When we finally finished it was a bit late, but the kids looked satisfied.

Overall, I’m happy that I managed to get my pictures and video for my boss while making the kids the most comfortable and happiest on their special day. Given that I was incredibly nervous that the marketing people would ruin my Christmas party, I feel a sense of accomplishment now :)

Oh, and also a funny joke: in the afternoon I was an assistant for a class that also had a Christmas party and went through the same procedure as my class. The teacher before that class drew some pictures on the board and this current teacher and I just left it as that because it added to the atmosphere. But when the party was over, the teacher cleaned the board. That was when she realized that the previous teacher had drawn the pictures with some kind of markers that don’t go away using normal method. So, in front of the students, I pointed at the board and shouted “Merry Christmas forever!” The students have never laughed so hard since they first entered the class.

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Looks like the sky is going to be clear for the great saturn-jupiter conjunction tonight.

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My morning Spin class.

It had been about a week since I’d last exercised. Last Monday, my father-in-law died from COVID-19. We had to travel for his burial.

It felt great to return to my workout routine.

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Great workout this morning, with a trail run in the rain. Felt totally energized and when I checked my email found a job offer for temporary gig in Miami.

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Somebody vacuumed my floors!
Oh wait. That was me. I vacuumed my floors.

I think I learned that the SSA has changed the rules so you get to keep you SSA benefits mo matter how much you earn….

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I had a fun call with friends I’ve known since I was six years old.

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My husband and I had a very sweet talk about what we appreciate about the other.

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