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Date idea anyone?

Asked by Gbach (53points) September 8th, 2008 from iPhone

well I just wanna know what you guys have in mind for a date idea? Can be crazy, abnormal, conservative I dont care anything.

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I think the zoo makes a good date, unless the animals are in heat and then it could be a little embarassing. Museums are nice, too, especially if there’s a particular exhibit you would both enjoy.

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comedy show, or live music?

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I once pretended for a whole day that I had screwed up my ankle badly. She and I hobbled around on our movie date, me leaning on her the whole time.

Then, when we got back to my place, I “accidently” slammed that bad ankle into a wall. It “hurt so bad” that I couldn’t stand. She was very sympathetic.

Near tears, I asked her if she could get some medicine from the closet… It’s in a big white box on the shelf. She went, opened up the closet, pulled down the box and read “For Ambell”.

It was a pirate-themed Hello Kitty. She was confused at first, but then I got off the bed, did some pogo hopping on my “bad ankle” and said that the whole act was so that I could spend every minute of the day in her arms.

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One of my favorite dates has been at a Scandia/Boondocks (depending on your location, I guess) type place. You know, somewhere with batting cages, a little race track, arcade games, etc. It lets you have fun and be silly and a little competitive. Also, you get to see how your date reacts to winning, loosing, annoying kids, and all that.

Have fun.

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I really like the museum and dinner date. The first time I went on one, we ended up wandering all over the entire city because he wanted to find this one really great place to eat and just couldn’t remember where it was. We had a lot of fun exploring.

I also like bringing my date geocaching—in the city it means a lot of exploring, in the wild it means finding hiking nooks and crannies to be alone with your sweetie. Either way you get to be stealthy.

Lastly, outdoor free concerts/movies in city parks. Pack a picnic and go!

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Dinner cruise.

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I once asked this comely young lady if she would date me, and when she said she would, i made a promise to her that after we arrived at our destination (by air) that, “I’ll get you back home, as soon as the sun rises, OK?” (She agreed, of course, as no lady can resist my charm.)

It was winter time, so we flew to Point Barrow, Alaska and, as promised, six months later (when the sun rose, there) I took her safely back home.

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In the summer, tubing down a river. Lots of time to talk plus the shared experience. In winter, cross country skiing followed by after-ski hot cocoa and snuggle by a fire.

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