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Once you are two weeks clear of your second dose of vaccine will you change what you are doing now?

Asked by JLeslie (60729points) December 21st, 2020 from iPhone

I think I will. I will start going out more than I have been. I’m happy to continue wearing a mask and complying with whatever rules are asked of us, but I will feel freer and safer.

I will probably start going out to dance more again, and maybe even eat at a restaurant, or at minimum buy more take out. I’ll be planning a trip too, not sure where.

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I will also continue to wear a mask and observe any other extant rules.

What I will stop doing is sanitizing my hands and the shopping cart push bar after touching any potential purchases, and sanitizing any items that I’ve bought from a store where any of the employees have tested positive for C19.

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Wear a mask !

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I’ll continue to wear a mask. I would love to relax my habits, but I think I’ll still be reluctant to go to restaurants or travel for quite a while.
This will change as more people get the vaccine. But I’m afraid that even vaccinated, I could still carry it to those who aren’t.

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I’ll feel freer about shopping and will probably start going to the movies. I’ll begin to plan to visit California in a few months after that.

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Yeah. I am going to stop wearing a mask finally!

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Absolutely nothing. Under no circumstances should you stop wearing a mask. Everybody should wear a mask and social distance until the all clear whistle is blown.

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@SergeantQueen: Workplaces, stores and other public places are still going to require mask wearing so don’t throw your masks out just yet.

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@jca2 I hope they do around the country.

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Not a lot of people in my area wear them anyways.

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Some businesses near me the workers don’t even wear them

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I must say that I am going to dance or waddle down the boardwalk in only my tuxedo two weeks after my second shot! But I will wear a mask and stay away from people – who will probably stay away from me!

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