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What changes have you made due to covid that you plan on keeping?

Asked by JLeslie (62838points) December 21st, 2020 from iPhone

I think I will continue to use curbside pick-up at Walmart. Not exclusively, but before covid I never would have tried it probably. I especially like it at my small neighborhood Walmart.

I want to continue being in touch with my out of state girlfriends as much as I have during the pandemic. I’ve actually talked to my long distance friends more than usual during this catastrophe.

Other trivial things: I have wound up buying different brands for some items due to people hoarding and some things I like just fine and will continue using them. Like toilet paper, cereal, bread, ham, can’t think of other things now, but there are more.

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Wear a mask !

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I’ll be ordering more beer online.

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Working remotely when I can.

Keeping masks handy in my car for when I need to go into a store.

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Wear a mask after covid is gone? Or, I should say after 80% of the population is vaccinated and you have been vaccinated.

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Nothing. I am done with masks and social distancing when this is all over. I still go into stores anways I do not do curbside.

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Not sweating the “small stuff,” only trying to accomplish a few things a day and feeling good when they’re done, staying in touch via any means available with neighbors, friends and family, sleeping as much as I feel I need to, eating breakfast in front of my fireplace, planning and enjoying meals. Being kind and extra generous to workers. Appreciating nature walks in my neighborhood.

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Like @janbb, I want to continue the psychological changes like less stress, more relaxed (I’m wound a little tight.) More quality time with the dogs, too.

With the weight loss, I will try to reduce my caloric intake post Covid, rather than indulging myselg too often.

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I enjoy getting groceries delivered, and there’s a small local business offering this that seems to be treating its employees fairly. I’ll probably still get deliveries at least occasionally.

Not particularly due to Covid, but I’ve started meditating in the morning, in front of an open window. It’s amazing how much it helps me to start the day by looking at a tree and listening to a monk’s voice. So, definitely keeping that!

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