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What do you think about Florida Gov. DeSantis going against the CDC regarding who gets the vaccine when?

Asked by JLeslie (65194points) December 22nd, 2020 from iPhone

I predicted this weeks ago. DeSantis is prioritizing people 70 and older over young essential workers who don’t work in healthcare. Healthcare workers are still top priority over everyone else.

Here’s an article:

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i have thought De Santis was a terrible governor for a long time. He has not served Florida well during Covid.

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Worst governor ever. My friends that live in Florida can’t stand him. I hope he is over ridden in this decision. (Not sure if over ridden is a word)

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70+ are the most at risk so it makes sense they get it. Not sure I see the problem

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It seems to me that lock downs delays herd immunity. And I strongly suspect it’s being used as a means of control. Not control of the virus, but control of the people, businesses and economy.

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Healthcare workers are top priority. Then it should be the second most at risk: the elderly.

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@si3tech Herd immunity is ridiculous and no one who knows anything about science thinks that’s a good strategy. Polio, Measles, Pertussis, were all here for many many many years and never did we get herd immunity before the vaccine.

Lockdowns (America doesn’t really have true lockdowns) help stop hospitals from getting overwhelmed.

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I just heard Texas is doing the same. Actually, Texas is doing 65 and up. I’m trying to confirm that with another source.

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Can someone explain why his decision is bad?

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Specifically @janbb and @chyna? I am not looking to argue but I wonder if I am misunderstanding something so I just want to get your side.

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I’m not answering for @janbb or @chyna, I hope they do expand on their reason for thinking it’s a terrible decision.

Let’s be clear that healthcare workers, long-term care facility workers and people should live in care facilities all are still first in FL.

Some people feel essential workers should be before the elderly. Essential workers are often in positions where they are with the public constantly and so they are daily risking catching covid. Some people object to what is being classified as essential. Someone I know said about 70% of workers are considers essential. I don’t know how accurate that is, and if it varies by state.

Older citizens, especially retirees, are able to isolate easier than someone who has to be at a job, but if they catch covid they are MUCH more likely to need hospitalization and much more likely to die. I said they can isolate easier, but keep in mind people over 70 usually have to go to the doctor and dentist more, which carries risk of exposure, some live with younger relatives who are in jobs or situations that risk exposure, and many older citizens have been extremely secluded and isolated for this entire time.

Most of the left bias media who already HATES DeSantis thinks he’s a piece of garbage with this decision and so do a lot of Democrats, but not 100% of them. I know more than one older Democrat who thinks this is a good decision.

Texas has also made the same decision as Florida, I heard they are vaccinating 65 and up before essential workers.

It’s likely part of DeSantis’ decision is political. He probably figures he can gain more loyalty and votes with older voters with this move. The truth is most people over 70 would be very high on the list anyway, because so many have an underlying condition.

I saw an interview with a health official and she was very apolitical about these decisions and said at all levels, federal and state, making these decisions is agonizing and everyone should remember that all adults will be able to get the vaccine eventually (children are not approved to take the vaccine yet) and everyone while vaccinations are in process still needs to follow guidelines for wearing masks and distancing.

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Thanks for providing some insight. @JLeslie. I understand where they may be coming from

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I work in a nursing home, but I work in the kitchen. It is a bit of a conflict because I am not sure we are considered healthcare workers. I think we are. I would much prefer the nurses, doctors and residents (plus my 60+year old coworkers) get the shot before I do. I am 20 years old, and healthy. I worry more about them than I do myself. Aside from having some family members that are more at risk of course. So that is where I am coming from with my view.

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I have a typo above. It should read _Let’s be clear that healthcare workers, long-term care facility workers and people WHO live in care facilities all are still first in FL.

@SergeantQueen I think you are included but last to get the vaccine in your facility. The reason I say that is because at hospitals the staff who works directly with covid patients is being vaccinated first and then other hospital workers after that, but all medical staff is ahead of the general population.

I don’t know if there will be some overlap. Like maybe once the hospitals have enough vaccine on hand for staff, maybe vaccinations for essential workers or older citizens will start being done concurrently. I really don’t know, but it wouldn’t surprise me.

Here is a recent article in AARP that I think is good. I’m not sure if this has a change from the original recommendation but I think @chyna and @janbb will be interested in it too, because it puts the federal recommendation for 75 and older and front line essential workers in the same phase.

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Just received a text from Florida covid messaging that the CDC is changing their recommendation to agree with the Florida plan to prioritize 65 and up.

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