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Why is "my body my choice" an excuse for not getting the COVID vaccine, but not a reason to elect to have an abortion?

Asked by elbanditoroso (29122points) 3 weeks ago

Trump supporters, Sidney Powell among them, are shouting “My Body My Choice” and using that as an excuse not to be vaccinated.

But the same right wing religious right that says that refuse to give women that same right (My Body My Choice) when it is raised in the context of abortion.

How do they square the two?

Note: this is NOT a discussion on abortion. It is a political discussion.

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Do you mean, why are they illogical, irrational hypocrites?

I think it’s probably nurture, not nature.

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Everyone can do whatever they want with their bodies. Get abortions, get vaccinated, get 100 tattoos. Whatever.

My Body, My choice extends to everything and to say it doesn’t is hypocritical. It’s all or nothing, babey.

I would consider my self right-leaning. I am pro choice and I am fine with people choosing not to get vaccinated. It is your choice as it is your body.

I would even go as far to say that euthanasia falls under “my body, my choice”

It is just cherry picking when it helps your agenda. Same could be said about Liberals (I AM ONLY BRINGING THIS UP AS A COUNTER, REPUBLICANS HAVE SAID THE SAME)who say we should force masks. How can you say “my body, my choice”, and force people to wear masks? Both sides do it.

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So to summarize my answer into one word: hypocrisy

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With one you are dealing with a virus and with the other, a human life.

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No real logic in it. As @kritiper wrote, they see stopping abortion as saving a life and they don’t connect vaccination with saving a life. They don’t think the virus is killing anyone so they don’t feel responsible at all for stopping the spread of the virus. They say things like, “did you ever care that you might give someone the flu?” Yes I always did care, but that is besides the point.

The people I know who don’t want to take the vaccine either don’t trust it, some don’t trust any vaccine, but I know people who only don’t trust this one, or they don’t believe covid is a real threat, or believe there is an ulterior motive for giving the vaccine.

Basic rationalization, they form their opinion and find a way to rationalize it.

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The vaccine is a rush job, and nobody can really be certain of the benefits vs pitfalls. However, abortion is a specific and known loss of life. It also poses potential risks to the mother, even well into the future.
There is no parallel between the two at all.

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The risk to the mother tripe is an old lie. Going through pregnancy and labor has way way more risks than abortion, unless it is a back alley abortion. Reagan tried to get Sergeant General Koop to tell the people that abortion was dangerous for the mother and he refused to lie. Koop was a conservative and against abortion.

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When you call her a mother ^^^ rather than a woman, you’re defining her in terms of a potential future biological relationship. She is being viewed as a child-bearer rather than as an autonomous individual.

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^^Good point. I was just parroting @Patty_Melt’s words, but I’ll be more conscious of that in the future.

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Okay, woman. Yes, there are dangers from abortion they don’t tell you about. There is risk of damage which can leave a woman unable to get pregnant in the future, or ectopic pregnancies. Sometimes the woman is not given a rho gam shot when they should, which is a potential threat to future fetuses.
Some of the risks are the same as with full term pregnancies, but some are associated only with “forced miscarriage”.
I know a lot of ugly stories, some in person, some through documentation.
Saying it is not true does not make those facts disappear.
There is also the duration of pregnancy involved which can contribute to some problems.

What upsets most is people who find condoms inconvenient, but abortion an ok substitute.

Anyway, this question is not about abortion, but a comparison, and mine fits the feelings of a large number of people. I stand by my answer because the question asks, how do many of us see the comparison, and that is how many of us do actually see it.

An additional fact I know from various aquaintances, it is frequently not my body my choice which leads to abortion, but outside pressure from family, the baby’s father, friends, etc. who force a woman into going against her own desires.
Military women have a sort of bond, and often share things they don’t tell civilian aquaintances. I heard more secrets and confessions in just the short time of boot camp than the whole rest of my life as a civilian.
I think most people would be shocked by how many friends they have who lost their virginity to family members.
I was actually awarded smoke breaks best first time.
But I digress. I’m simply trying to point out I have a lot of background with woman stories and confessions. I’m not simply making things up to please myself.

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A baby is not a choice.

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Nope nada won’t work both ways. We want to play the dictatorial game, and tell women they CANNOT have an abortion under any circumstances? Ok, you WILL NOT refuse a vaccine under any circumstances. Can’t take the heat, get your ass out of the kitchen. Got it? Get it? Good!

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I think the point behind that argument for not getting the vaccination is because the left has fought long and hard to make that a valid argument for abortion. To try saying it is hypocritical that someone that is against that argument for abortion is a fair question. But then, doesn’t it make the person pointing out that hypocrisy equally hypocritical if they accept it as a reason to allow abortion? In other words, if you don’t like it for one issue but do for the other, you are a hypocrite.

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These two are not the same, you’re comparing apples and oranges. If you choose not to get vaccinated you may be putting others at risk. First risk is that you could get the virus, then the risk that you may spread the virus to others, and finally that some may die from it. Even if you get the virus and spread it to others the chances of dying from it are quite low, less than 1% in most cases. From Wikipedia:

“For example, in the United States the case fatality rate is 0.003%, 0.02%; 0.5% and 5.4% for the age groups 0–19, 20–49, 50–69, and 70 or over, respectively.”

With abortion the death rate for the baby is close to 100%. That’s not a risk but rather a death sentence. Personally I don’t care if some people want to delay or withdraw from getting the vaccination. The are more people that want it than doses available. This question will give fuel to scream about the people we don’t like but it’s pretty hollow. We would be better off keeping things in perspective.

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@Patty_Melt “What upsets most is people who find condoms inconvenient, but abortion an ok substitute.”

Yeah, no real person thinks that way. That’s an old trope pushed by pro-lifers which has no basis in reality.

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Surprisingly, I agree with @seawulf575 . It would be hypocritical of me to require others to get a vaccine, no matter how much sense it makes, while also espousing the idea of autonomy over one’s body. Either you have autonomy or you don’t.

So while I will get one of the vaccines, and I think it is definitely a good idea, I can’t command you to do something that I feel is the right thing.

All the folderol about fetal identity (as others brought up earlier despite my saying this isn’t an abortion discussion) is irrelevant.

Either you have autonomy over your body or you don’t. Black and white.

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The only difference I see is that the right feels it’s wrong to kill your baby but OK to kill your neighbor, parent, or whoever both out of pure selfishness

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Yes it’s hypocritical in either direction; if abortion is an issue of personal autonomy, then so is getting vaccinated so the two are parallel. Black and white, as you said. But the argument against “my body, my choice” with abortion is that the baby is a separate body so it’s not really a choice for your body alone and thus abortion is not an issue of personal autonomy. Perhaps a comparison can be made with getting your child vaccinated in which case you are making a choice for someone else’s body.

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OK, you don’t want to wear a mask and you infect me, are you saying that you are still making a choice for your body alone? Unless we were Siamese twins, I don’t think so

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Pregnancy is not contagious, may I point out.

How about comparing a vaccination (prevention) to birth control (prevention)?

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They just don’t see the disconnect between their views and the rights and views of others. Lock immigrants in cages, separate children from thier families, dominate women and deny them dignity to determine what happens inside thier own freaking body, all.good. Demand they get their contagious funky ass vaccinated or mention the need for.common sense gun control legislation, and they’re sceaming about damn commie demoncrats to subvert the Constitution..I won’t even waste my time with those people, I’d as soon go outside and talk to a pecan tree.

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^^^ If only my pecan tree could talk

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