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Who doesn't love a big, big Fluther celebration?

Asked by janbb (59602points) December 27th, 2020

Our own Floridian, JLeslie, has achieved the nearly unachievable – 60,000 lurve! Can we gather at the beach (with sun screen, masks, and hand sanitizer, of course) for some holiday cheer for this marvelous accomplishment?

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Congratulations @JLeslie! 60k is a huge accomplishment and well deserved.

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How ‘bout we gather at the beach with a couple kegs of beer and forget the Covid and politics for one day? I’m in.

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Wow! I’m in! We all could use a little beach air and sunshine now!

Congrats on the well deserved 60k! Over the years you have helped more people than you can imagine.
Thanks for being here and all you do!

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Trump might even swing by and shake your hand!

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Congratulations! I appreciate your kindness, patience and intelligence, my friend.

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Unbelievable! Oh, the height achieved! Can mere congratulations suffice to bear witness to my awe!

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When in trouble or in doubt,
Run in circles scream and shout.
Fire a cannon shoot a gun,
Send the signal, Well Done!

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Wow! 60k… is that an island, your own mansion, a flock of servants… what is your reward for this?

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60k is an awesome, mind boggling achievement! Congratulations, friend!

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Remarkable would be understatement. It’s stupefying, a feat defying the laws of nature herself. At my current rate I might see 60 grand by my 236th birthday.

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Awesome – - Blossom !

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Thank you! Lurve for everyone of course.

The beach sounds great, maybe we can all meet over there in 2021 in a big mansion right on the sand.

At least we can still have a jelly party here even with covid.

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I just noticed that, and I’m late. Congrats!

How are you enjoying your 60k room?

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@JLeslie Wow! To my friend from the DMV, you’re one of the reasons why I still access Fluther every day.

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Congo Rats to a very valued contributor! I am glad people express their appreciation (in Lurve) for you. You deserve this!

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