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How do you get rid of jaw stiffness?

Asked by SergeantQueen (11169points) 3 weeks ago

Can’t open my mouth (as in my teeth) more than half an inch. I don’t have anymore pain (didn’t wake up with any this morning, but I am still taking ibuprofen for swelling). I am one week post-op from getting my wisdom teeth out.

1) How do I be able to open my mouth again, or what can I do to help that


2) WHEN CAN I EAT NORMAL FOOD??? I KEEP SEEING SO MANY DIFFERENT ANSWERS FOR THIS. I am SICK of Applesauce and pudding and yogurt!!! Please I just want some chicken nuggies.

Also 3) when do I need to stop worrying about dry socket? I keep seeing different answers on this too. Some say a week some say longer.

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I had all 4 of mine taken out when I was about your age. I found I had to intentionally relax my jaw multiple times a day. I would notice my mouth and jaw was tense and then try to relax it. Let it drop open.
It’s not a very flattering look – it makes you look like a troglodyte mouth-breather but it works. Try doing it when no one else is around.

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I would call the doctor who did your surgery.

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My jaw was stiff, warm not hot compresses.

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Check with your surgeon’s nurse.

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Yeah I am calling tomorrow. I am not in a lot of pain anymore and I would LOVE to eat regular food again but I can’t!!!!! Driving me batty

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Usually a warm compress, but you can also massage it every hour counterclockwise.

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How are you feeling? It could be from the Novocain shots, but usually your jaw would hurt a lot from that when you try to open your mouth.

What did the doctor say? You might need a prescription muscle relaxer for a few days.

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I just remembered something. Since I had my surgery back in the Stone Age, I was given Tylenol #3 with codeine for pain control. They knocked me right out and relaxed the jaw.
The only memorable downside was constipation.

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You should be able to eat normal food by the 3rd day or 4th. Just chew on the opposite side of your mouth and avoid things like jerky or potato chips and popcorn. After you eat brush your teeth and do a gentle rinse with warm salted water. If you have a syringe, you can fill that with salted water and gently rinse the socket. That will help flush out any food that may have gotten stuck there.
As for the jaw, I know it took me about a week before it stop feeling sore. I had to take tylenol to help ease the pain.

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Well, I got both out so I can’t chew on opposite side. But I am chewing on both sides today. It doesn’t hurt and I feel okay.

They want me to come in but my parents won’t drive me

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Your dentist/oral surgeon needs to know so they can assist. Warm moist heat.

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Why warm? Warm increases inflammation.

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If the muscle is in spasm heat can help relax. It sometimes works.

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