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Why can't they get rid of the the stupid-ass grey bars on my TV?

Asked by simone54 (7629points) September 8th, 2008

When you have an HD set and go to a channel that isn’t in HD it has those ugly, distracting gray bars on both sides of the screen. I understand it’s getting a different signals and all but with all the technology in this TV why can’t they think of something to hide the gray bars.

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You can tell your tv to widen the image, in essence adding about 30lbs. to the appearance of the people.

I don’t mind the grey bars. I just hate that the tv I have ain’t smart enough to know when to use ‘em. I must manually toggle the various Wide modes depending on channel/input/DVD.

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or set your tv to show the bars as black. that way it looks like like a regular square tv picture within your wide screen tv

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Grey is best for the life of your screen, from what I’ve heard.

You could do what I do: only watch HD channels. Boycott the rest. :p

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I didn’t see any settings to change the colors of the bars and if there is, why isn’t black default.

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