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Do you think that taxidermy is wrong?

Asked by gondwanalon (20715points) December 30th, 2020

I just saw this bizarre listing on Craigslist:

Is that sick or what?

When I was in my 20’s I got into taxidermy. It was a challenging hobby that made me money mounting deer heads, birds and novelty items. But one day I walked into the garage (where I did my taxidermy work) and looked around at all the birds, squirrels and even a stuffed turtle and a Black Bear head. Suddenly I was grossed out and quickly got rid of everything.

It seems so wrong to me to put dead animals on display.

What do you think?

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Not at all.
In fact, it is shameful that taxidermy is not done with humans.
Wax figures are such a cop-out.

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The animal is dead. Whether it is stuffed or eaten is a personal choice.

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Well the shameful.part is killing a wild animal for no reason.

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@Dutchess_III true, but that isn’t in evidence here. And the animal is still dead, no matter what the rationale.

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I find it off putting, but not always a horrible thing. Some people stuff their pets after they die. I guess for them it’s comforting, I’m not going to judge it.

Killing an animal for sport with no intention of eating the meat I find extremely distasteful, and maybe immoral, and then displaying the animal even worse. I guess some people kill animals to control the populations, not sure what I think about that.

I wouldn’t want any animal heads or bodies in my house that’s for sure.

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Rick and I once had an acquaintance who fancied himself a heap big game hunter. He had a stuffed brown bear in his living room. He shot it in Alaska as it had his head shoved in a big, round hole in a barrell eating the bait from the barrell. Our acquaintance was in a tree.
I’ve never been so disgusted by a story in my life.

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I think the trend with having nice in various human like poses is funny. The time and effort which goes into it though, makes them out of my price range.

How to do a mouse.

More mouse ideas.

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No I don’t.

In fact, since we don’t use all parts of the animal for survival anymore (hunters), I think it’s quite nice to keep them as treasured (and often valuable) household items. Many here may be surprised at exactly how valuable they are.

And museum displays are amazing for many people who otherwise wouldn’t get to see those animals.

@Patty_Melt I LOVE the mice poses!! So cute!

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No. But it could look bad depending on just who you’re going to stuff.

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An acquaintance with a daughter that was same age as mine was an avid hunter. They had a 4 year birthday party with all the kids from the preschool, in their living room that had half a dozen deer and antelope heads on the walls.

Scared the shit out of most of the kids. It was creepy.

Norman Bates was in to taxidermy.

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In Wichita, our next door neighbor had “animal faces on their wall,” according to my kids.

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@ragingloli Professional quality taxidermy is an art form. Your link show very low quality efforts. If fact I wouldn’t call it taxidermy. It’s more like crapidermy.

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I don’t think taxidermy itself is intrinsically wrong.

I do think that trophy hunting of animals, especially ones that are not in a state of overabundance, is very wrong.

I would be in favor of hunting trophy hunters of endangered wildlife species, and wouldn’t mind someone taxidermy-ing them up as examples and warnings to others not to do that.

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Because of this question, I decided to rewatch Psycho, which is a masterpiece. Thank you lol

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Yeah, keeping dead things around is kind of gross. I’m ok with leather or hides which are useful, but as decor or trophies, ick.

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Taxidermy is very wrong. we should research it.

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@salmaumme786…research taxidermy? Why? We already know what it is.

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Not immoral, but weird. When we bought my dog many years ago, the teenage daughter of the breeder was spinning yarn/knitting a sweater from the dog hair. Was it immoral? No. Weird? Hell yes.

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@gorillapaws…my white German Shepherd shed like crazy. Insane amounts of fur. It often occured to me that someone could make sweaters out of all that hair. How would it be any different than spinning sheep’s wool?

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@Dutchess_III Other than being dog hair? Not at all. Are you saying you’d rock a German Shepherd sweater?

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Depending on what it looked like and if it was itchy.

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I personally think it is, but it’s just an opinion from a city-person.
I can understand how someone would be proud learning to shoot, then learning to hunt, then finally being able to shoot an animal cleanly and getting meat from it.

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@ragingloli Why would I click a link you think will disgust me?

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