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Do you know of any couple that met in high school, never broke up, got married, and grew old together and never with anyone else?

Asked by jcs007 (1776points) September 8th, 2008

I’m just wondering if this ‘type’ of couple exists. And if so, I was wondering what their story is/was.

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my grandparents got married when my grandma was seventeen i think, and they are still married.

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An old “friend” I had in middle school/high school… her parents are like that. It’s not as nice as it sounds… the whole family is kind of screwy. If only they could instill that one value to my “friend”... she’s got 2 kids, 2 different daddies, and already divorced at the age of 23. Oy.

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My great-grandmother told her sister she was going to marry my great-grandfather when she was 12 and he was 18. And when she was 18, she did!

One of my best friends is working on it now – met in high school, never broke up, getting married, ... we’ll see.

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My parents

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empresspixie; that is cute that she knew she would marry him when she was twelve.

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My grandparents married at 15 and 17, and until my grandmother passed away last year, they were married for 71 years. Happy? I don’t know.

My parents met in high school, and are still together today. But that includes two separations, and years and years of unhappiness.

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Yup, just got back touch with them. Great couple. Madly in love. 5 kids. Met in 8th grade.

pretty amazing. pretty lucky actually.

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The best man at our wedding met his wife when she was 14. They are not old yet (in their 40’s) but are still married and have 3 great kids and are very happy. My father-in-law and his girl at the time double dated with my mother-in-law and her boyfriend at the prom. They have been married 45 years.

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Myself and my fiancee met when we were 15, and are engaged to be married on August 1st 2009. Fingers crossed!

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My grandparents. But think of it. . .I have been with 2 men, only 2. One for 4 years from the time I was 16 then 3 weeks after we broke up, I met my husband, and here we are 8 years later. . .really happy, but I will always wonder. Would I have made the same decisions if I had dated more?? Guess I will never know. . .

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My friend Ellen’s parents met in high school, both went to Harvard, dated through all of college, got married and are still together, with three kids, in their fifties (All the kids went to the same high school they did, and 2/3 have gone to Harvard. The youngest is a sophomore in HS, but rumor has it she’s looking at Princeton (GASP)).

The grandparents also went to Harvard.

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My mom and my dad’s sister were friends in high school. My dad didn’t go to the same school. Mom and dad got married when they were 17 and 19, and they’re still together. They seem pretty happy. I don’t have any idea if either of them has ever been with anyone else. I know they each dated before and say they’ve never “been with” anyone but each other.

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My grandparents met in high school and are still married today nearly 75 years later.

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My wife and I met at age 17/16 respectively, as she was graduating from our high school. We dated exclusively from our first meeting, for 9 1/2 years until we married in 1999. We are both each other’s one and only and have survived the odds-been together ever since, with two children (7 and 5 years old) and have just celebrated our 18th year of a monogamous relationship. We have had rough spots over the years, but open communication, patience and tolerance have enabled us to maintain a faithful and prosperous relationship! Our ten year anniversary is next year and I hope to have many many more :)

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Not personally. I have no doubt that it can and does happen though.

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I just came back from the wedding of the son of my best friends from high school. We all grew up in the Bronx, but this wedding was in Minneapolis.

My buddy J. made a point of telling people, all weekend, that I knew his wife (S.) in sophomore year in high school, met him junior year of high school, (it was a BIG high school) and then they met in the summer between junior and senior years. His point was that if I had asked S. out, then he would have been off the hook and never would have married her. His joke.

In sum, they met in 1966, were married in 1971 and now 37 years later are still partners in a strong marriage where one son was married on Saturday and the other is marrying HIS high school sweetheart next May, after ten years together.

It still happens, long relationships, more than you would think. I think that the statistics about a 50 per cent divorce rate is skewed by people who end up in three or four marriages in a life time that is offset by the kinds of relationships shown above.

As for me… 25 years of marriage, total of 30 together, but not since high school, we met at 28 years of age.


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My best friend’s parents met in high school. I don’t know specifics, but it definitely did happen.

My girlfriend and I are on that path. Met halfway through Junior year, now freshmen in college. I know, I know, it hasn’t been that long, but she’s practically a female version of myself. BTW, neither one of us went into this relationship with much hope, seeing as how we knew each other and friends set us up, but we both went back on what we said.

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My grandparents. They met in 6th grade and started dating as soon as they were allowed. I’m not sure how happy they really were, though. My grandma gave up a dancing career and the opportunity to dance in NY, to marry my grandpa. It was quite obvious that she was bitter about the lost opportunity later on.. her bitterness, I think, was probably not fun for my poor, gentle old grandpa.

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My wifes parents. They started dating when they were 14, and 17. They have been married for forty one years as of January. They are a great couple, even though her mother now has MS and fights with it non-stop. I do think my wife and I will get there, but we didn’t start dating when we met. It took a long time. We did meet when she was 11 and I was 14. We have been married for 9 years now. We actually hang out with her parents alot and have a blast with them. They are still like kids.

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My grandparents married at 15 years old and stayed together happily for 76 years until my grandfather died this year. Now my grandmother cries evey single day.

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My husband and I are still going strong. We met in high school when I was 15, and he was 17. We dated for almost 7 years all through high school and college before we got married, and we never broke up. Now we’ve been married 16 years have 2 kids. We’re working on the growing old together part. :)

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You’re not alone BarbieM.

My wife & I started dating when I was 16 and she was 17 – dated for 9 years – never broke up – been married 12 years – we have a daughter – growing old together is the plan.

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Thanks for all the input, everyone! Keep it comin!

Anyhoo, I asked this question because I thought that the relationship that I’m in right now was too good to be true. But after all of these testimonies to the contrary, I really feel confident about my girlfriend and I.

She and I have been dating since we were 14 and 15, respectively. We later met a couple who had been dating a year before we had started. After more than 6 years together, they broke up. The one and only example of a high school relationship lasting until senior-citizen-status was gone. But as I’ve already said, everything that everyone has said here gives me confidence that my girlfriend and I can work anything out. =)

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I actually have a funny story that goes with this. One of my former students was about to start college, and her mother called and asked me if I would go out for lunch with her and her daughter before the daughter left for school. I said sure and met them for lunch. A few minutes into the meal, mom launches into this discussion about how high school romances never work out, and she wanted her daughter to break up with her high school boyfriend before she left for school. Since the daughter wouldn’t, she had asked me to lunch to talk to her daughter since we had always been very close. She thought her daughter would listen to me if I told her high school romances never lasted. As the daughter started laughing (knowing my story) I had to tell mom that she had picked the worst person she could have for this conversation. We still had lunch, but mom wasn’t very happy.

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my ex’s parents.

they have been together since they were like 16 i think.

too bad he wasnt as faithful as his father…

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Yes, I met my husband in 1998.
We were both in high school(age 16).
11 years later, he’s still my best friend.
We’ve been married 6 years.
We recently had 2 amazing children!!

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