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When do you expect to see meaningful results from Biden?

Asked by crazyguy (1927points) 2 weeks ago

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris will be sworn in in about three weeks. Judging by posts here and elsewhere, Trump has been an unmitigated disaster for this country. So one would think that changes from his policies will produce fairly quick results.

So my question is how long of a honeymoon period will you grant Biden?

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100 days is the typical time.

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Nothing good is on the horizon.

As devastating as COVID was, we need strong leadership to help us recover economically and to move the nation forward, which we no longer have. Remember how healthy our economy and nation was immediately prior to Covid? That’s what America wanted and that’s what the overwhelming majority of U.S. citizens voted for,

Well, we don’t have leadership of any sort from Biden and a leap into socialism from Harris, and an alliance with the Chinese Communist Party instead of a focus on recovery and national interests.

We are in for a dark, dark winter.

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he is inheriting the biggest mess any president could inherit.

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To some degree, it depends on the results of the Georgia election on Tuesday, and how much of an obstructionist Mitch McConnell is going to be.

So it’s too early to answer the question. Too many unknowns.

It does appear that Biden is going to rescind a number of the Trump declarations (emergency to build the wall, for example) the first day he is in office.

But until we know who wins in Georgia, it’s hard to predict how quickly Biden will be able to get meaningful progress made.

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@Yellowdog – I know you don’t understand what words like “socialism” and “communism” mean, but you now have access to the internet and there should be no excuse. You can’t call capitalists socialists or communists because you don’t happen to like them. It’s embarrassing…for you.

And yes, I know that right-wing media attempts to describe capitalists as better than they are in as a propaganda tool. But you need to understand why it’s not meaningful in any way to call right-wing capitalists like Biden and Harris as “socialist” or “communist”.

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@crazyguy: “So my question is how long of a honeymoon period will you grant Biden?”

It’s already over. He stacked his administration with the same corporate people who got us here.

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Never. I do expect President Harris to be effective once in office though. Ha!

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Biden has promised to undo some of what Trump did starting from his first day in office.

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@Yellowdog what is it with the conservative gift for conflating “strong leadership” with intelligent, or for that matter even sensible leadership? I swear you folks are about as vacuous a crowd as God allowed noggins. As for this question, I will assume without hesitation that we have no time to spare before the nitpicking begins. The blinding destructive achievement of the current idiot, though an impossible goal is obviously the gold standard for attainment by the likes of the op and wulf. Let’s try to disabuse these weasels of the realization of such fantasies. I don’t expect miracles from Biden. I will be satisfied merely that the prized lunatic will no longer manage the asylum.

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On his first day, with all of his executive orders that reverses some of Trump’s worst decisions. After that, I think he’s going to be a painfully weak and ineffectual President.

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@Dutchess_III Excuses already!

@_____ You are as vacuous as your name.

@_____ So you are saying he has already struck out?

@KNOWITALL I agree.Biden will be replaced soon. For any number of reasons, very few of them invented!

@LostInParadise So would you say he has about month or two to prove himself?

@rockfan I hope he can understand the rationale behind some of Trump’s executive orders before he reverses them!

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@crazyguy: “You are as vacuous as your name.”

Fair enough.

@crazyguy: “So you are saying he has already struck out?”

No. He’s doing exactly what he’s supposed to do. But I didn’t vote for him.

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No expectation. I think Biden being president will help us in the world very quickly, but it won’t necessarily be “felt” here.

I’ll be glad to be able to worry less about some issues. That’s how I usually feel with more Democrats in charge. Who wins in Georgia will have some meaning for that also, but it’s not like the senate will have enough Republicans to easily overturn a veto.

I hope the country calms down a little so not so divided, but I have no real expectation of that either, just a hope I always have anyway.

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Whether we GA or not there will be important legislation that will require more than a 50–51 vote and I foresee McConnell squashing a lot of Bidens plans. McConnell will still have Joe Manchin who will vote McConnell way because he’s a Democrat in a very red state. So I see a lot of obstruction in Bidens future. McConnell loves to put a lot of poison pills in negotiations. So until we have full power in both the senate and the house there won’t be very many changes.

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It takes a lot longer to fix a car than to wreck it.
Cheeto McFatass has been ruining the government AND taking apart the structure. This will not be a quick fix.

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Never this country is doomed

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Biden has a lot of un fucking to do. Trump is the worst disaster this country has ever endured. Now go take advantage of the clearance sale on MAGA merchandise and cool it with the Trump pity party.

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^^ The “New England for Trump” store near me recently put up a banner in the window that reads “Everything Must Go. Buy One Get One Free.”

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When he concedes January 6th 2021.

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@Yellowdog Socialism as defined by Merriam Webster: A political and economic theory of social organization advocating collective or governmental ownership and administration of the means of production and distribution of goods. Can you please specify a Harris policy she has championed that meets this definition? The right likes to name call Dems I would term as moderate Socialists or Communists. That smacks of McCarthyism.

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^^I meant moderate Dems that are not Socialist or Communists.

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All, what is surprising about all your answers are two things:

1. Expectations from Biden are low.
2. Allowances are already being made for the disaster he is being asked to fix, and the fact that the Senate may get in the way.

I thought, truly, that given the delight that Trump the destroyer is gone, we would quickly right the ship. I guess Biden could have a 4-year honeymoon period!

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Your argument is that after steering the Titanic into the iceberg, all would be remedied through replacing the captain. In regards to this country, the elimination of your idiot by no means determines that the wreckage he leaves behind disappears with him. I swear before God that you conservatives cannot think your way to the bathroom.

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@crazyguy is not pro trump.

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He’s also no advocate for abstract thinking.

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I’ve wanted to respond to a number of posts on this subject but I’ll be damned if I know how. A lot of good and bad sense about 6 or so comments in, but now I’m responding to a group, with whom I either agree or disagree, needless to say, that is confusing.

Yellowdog seems to reflect a sane approach to the politics south of me, how his advisories conclude that the USA is on the precipice and about to dive into communism head first is astonishing! Really? Has the American education system so failed in it’s job that green is orange?

The implied suggestion that a good dictionary might help seems a step in the right direction, sure can’t hurt. But description aside wouldn’t it be kind of civil to judge a man or woman on their past actions. Do that and Biden easily gains membership to most of the world’s conservative parties, although he may be rejected by a few because he’s too damn conservative. I suppose it can be hoped that America will work it out. We very much liked what you were.

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@211236 If you want to respond to a particular person’s post hit the @ sign. If you are one a desktop, a list of the posters will appear and you can choose the person you want to address. If you are on a mobile device, hit the @ sing and type in their username. It will appear in red and they will know you are addressing them.

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@211236 I agree with you that Biden is no communist. However, it is not Biden we are worried about. We are just not certain that Biden is really pulling the strings. The fear is that the progressives are in charge and they will get Harris in first chance they get.

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Wait @crazyguy sources PLEEZE that Harris is a communist !!

Betta you can’t !

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I’ve got proof Trump is a Fascist !

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Here’s Harris using Marxist language to describe her politics:

“I’m a bourgeois politician who supports the ruling class’s efforts to oppress the proletariat.” ;-)

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Just shoot me. Or drop me off at the fathest planet from the sun.

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Tell you what. Let’s declare Trump Emperor, or POTUS for life. Of course you can still vote Republican, or even Republican if you choose. We’ll shred the Constitution, except for the Second Amendment. That way you guys can have your AK 47s and .50 cal machine guns to hunt deer. Happy now? Be sure to get a concealed carry bazooka licence, so you can join the ranks of “Citesenry who carry to stop crime”. Except that you lot never seem to be around when a woman gets raped or a convenience store gets robbed. Oh well, ammo is expensive. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go maintenance my Scud Missile Launcher. Damn dove and quail are really elusive.

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@Nomore_lockout: I know your comment is a joke but Trump lovers would love love love for him to be made Emperor and be declared President For Life

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‘The Progressives’ Those are the dudes you should fear right?

Lets see, Canada, Sweden, Norway, Germany, France, or for brevity’s sake let’s say almost all of the democratic nations on the planet, plus a few in Asia and world wide, are governed by what any right winger in America would, with trembling voice, describe as failed states.

States clearly on their knees and soon to implode…Right!

No one so blind as those that will not see.

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It’s confusing to me, this conservative terror of anyone brown (or female?) This fear of Harris—do you hear the logic? It runs like this: Biden is supposedly old, dottering and ineffectual, with one foot in the grave. Harris? To my mind, both the Democrats and Republicans boil down to 2 limbs, both honed in service of the same devil. But the one thing to be said for the women who claw their way to the top of the Democratic party (as opposed to their Republican counterparts) is that they are razor sharp, fearless and tougher than nails. I would have borrowed the money required to finance a debate between Harris and Trump. Conservatism may currently be distinguished as the haven for slow thinkers, but as comments on this thread clearly indicate, they can still recognize that they should be terrified at the aspect of Harris who is clearly prepared to deal with their sleazy asses, and kick the shit out of them in the process.

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@jca2 You are 100% correct my friend..

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@Nomore_lockout Even though Trump lost you wrote: “Just shoot me. Or drop me off at the fathest planet from the sun.” That confused me; so I responded: ”??”

To which you replied extremely sarcastically. For your information, I do not own a gun and have no intention of ever getting one. I do not believe any of the things you asked for – “Emperor, or POTUS for life…” However, I do believe that election fraud allegations should be investigated and put to rest, hopefully quicker than the tiny NY 22 race…

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@211236 The progressives who supported BLM protests against the Police; the Progressives who believe in hand-outs; the progressives who want to roll back and change history; the progressives who believe any success in this country is obviously tainted, and should therefore be rolled back. Enough said.

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@jca2 How wrong you are.

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Blm protests. Yeah no reason for concern. Black guys murdered on a weekly basis and no condemnation from the POTUS? I call b.s. Too many shootings in the back whole running away and posing no threat to the officer, too many strangulations and disregard for the safety of prisoners in custody. Bull damn shit!

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@Nomore_lockout There are three things required for a meaningful conversation:

1. Listen and try to understand the other party’s comments.
2. Preserve continuity.
3. Stick to the subject.

Sadly, your last post violates all three.

1. You made zero effort to see in what context I mentioned BLM protests.
2. There is zero nexus between your last post and the new one.
3. If you are sticking to the subject, I will have to be reminded what exactly is the point of our discussion.

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Avoid the subject. Only people of color right? No biggy. I’m out.

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@Nomore_lockout Only people that are “smarter than all the Generals” and “smarter than all the Doctors” believe they know it all and are are perfect in every way !

They tell you what to say and think !

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I have no idea how this question has evolved, but I just saw Biden offer a little hope to Americans. A good, all bases touched speech. If he can pull off more than a bit of his promises, he’ll have justified his followers faith in him.

It was a good speech from a long time political idealist and I’d say decent man. Not a brilliant Obama nor a baffling Trump (I was so sick of his near autistic approach to reading the teleprompter, he spoke no language I’m familiar with) but with Biden a good, understandable program aimed at realistically bringing America back pragmatically. Good on you Joe, Canada’s happy to see their neighbour back.

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@211236 Let me interpret the Democratic agenda for you:

1. Minimum wage: We understand our base is the poor. Let’s throw them a bone!

2. Illegal immigration: We have to think about future Democrats!

3. Doesn’t 1 conflict with 2? Of course it does. Fortunately, none of our supporters can figure that out!

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@crazyguy Trump legacy will be blood running in the streets and dision of the country

Putin got his money’s worth with Trump !

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@crazyguy Have you watched Gabriel Sterling’s press conference in full just before the Georgia Senate run off election?

He begins by pleading with Republican Georgians to vote. He is a Republican in charge Georgia’s voting system. He voted for Trump. It’s worth watching until the end, because at the last minute he remembers one more point. It’s much better to see what he really said all the way through in context than the edits the more liberal media did. I don’t know if Fox showed it in any fashion.

The video is at the top of the article.

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@JLeslie Thank you for the link. I did watch it from start to finish and it just fortified my belief that election fraud, though facilitated by Democrats’ insistence on mail-in balloting, did not occur to any large extent. The fact is that I suspected massive fraud just because of Democrats’ insistence on mail-in balloting. I stand corrected. Thank you, @JLeslie.

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@crazyguy Thanks for watching it. Does it bother you that Trump and Giuliani continued to push outright lies about the Georgia election? This guy Sterling has had death threats against him and his staff.

Trump and Giuliani knew that the election would get certified, yet on the 6th they spoke to that crazy crowd, and you, me, Trump, and Giuliani all knew there were at least some people in that crowd who are brainwashed, militant, unstable, or a combination of, and continued to tell them they could change the “fraudulent” vote. No they couldn’t! That’s not how America works. Trump knows it. Trump and his friends go home and laugh at those people. Pawns in his chess set.

Most politicians do some gaming, but Trump took it too far.

Now we’re spending a ton of money on security around our capitals/capitols in all 50 states and DC.

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@crazyguy As certain as I have always been that a Trump Presidency MUST be catastrophic, I am equally convinced that you are currently living in some land we here would consider a political hell hole. You throw around cartoon concepts on politics without a clue that your audience on this site is not nearly as dense as those proponents vulnerable to your simplistic and patently flawed nonsense. It’s doctrine for simpletons. Whatever hell you reside in, I hope things may improve for you.

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@JLeslie By continuing his battle for the 2020 election, Trump has probably said good-bye to whatever minuscule chance he had of getting the 2024 nomination. He either received bad advice from his lawyers (I would fire the whole lot of them!) or is just too hard-headed.

If it is the latter, it should not take away from his significant accomplishments that I have enumerated on countless occasions.

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@crazyguy I don’t think he would have or could have run or won in 2024. I hate to sound ageist, but he is getting older. I know Biden is up there too, but just saying it makes it less likely. Possibly, Trump could have set up his children to be in a great position to run, but that’s more troublesome now. I think that’s a big miss. Most parents see their immortality in their children. I do think part of Trump feels that way, but his narcissism and insecurity gets in the way.

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I read yesterday in the NY Times that Ivanka intends to be the first woman in the WH. I’ll find the link.

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@JLeslie @jca2 The only way, in my opinion, that Trump had a chance in 2024 was to display more statesmanship than he has so far. He had to concede to Biden in a genuine way. That is not part of Trump’s psyche; for one reason or another, Trump believed that there were clear instance of fraud in the election (how else could I lose?); when his lawsuits alleging election fraud were unceremoniously thrown out, he and many others (myself included) blamed the lack of evidence on misguided voter identity protection laws. The truth has finally emerged, and it is certainly not pleasant.

I don’t think Trump is capable of tasting success through his children, but, perhaps he will learn.

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i hope thousands are not killed this weekend and next Wednesday by Trump thugs and the Proud Boys. All in support of overturning the election of Biden !

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I really hope one of the first things he does is try like hell tonget those poor immigrant kids back with their parents.

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@Tropical_Willie My gut feeling is nothing will happen. I hope I’m right. I don’t know what the chatter is on the platforms still allowing QAnon or local meetings being had by the WS.

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@Dutchess_III—I hope so too but Trump made sure they threw away all documents about their parents.

Dutchess_III's avatar

I don’t think there ever WAS documentation, was there?

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It doesn’t make sense to me that they can’t be paired with their children if their parents are looking for them. I guess maybe they are afraid of deportation if they come forward? Or, they might be in their home countries without ability to make contact?

What documents? People fostering those children didn’t get fake birth certificates like they birthed the kids.

Everyone went on and on about the trauma to the kids, which I worry about too, but I’m even more obsessed with the trauma to the parents assuming the children wound up cared for.

It should be one of the first orders of businesses. What a horror.

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@Dutchess_III That should be priority one for Biden. Where there’s a will theres a way. And De.Nazify the Border Patrol etc.

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