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UK: Carphone Warehouse vs O2 Store for iPhone purchase?

Asked by benseven (3189points) September 8th, 2008

OK. Sorry for another iPhone related question but I’m taking the plunge tomorrow, and I want to know why I should / shouldn’t go for either of these retailers. I’m yet to phone round to find out stock, but the nearest store to work is a Carphone Warehouse.

Something irks me about them, and I worry that I wouldn’t get the same level of service as buying direct from O2 – would they spam me about phone upgrades or deals after they have my details? Did you buy your iPhone from CW and did they give you any reason to think O2 might have been a better choice?

For bonus points, recommend me some (prefereably free) app store apps!

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It’s much of a muchness to be honest. Doesn’t really matter. CPW will most likely ask you for an email address, and they will post you documentation on deals that they have related to your purchase on a quaterly basis. So nothing to really worry about there regarding spam.

If they take your email address, they won’t post you stuff. They’ll email the quarterly offers instead.

The only advise I would give is be very sure to find out what the faulty return policy is. From time to time this does vary from the network owned stores and CPW, not very often, but to the best of my knowledge it is different for the iPhone in the UK.

At least all this is true in Ireland.

Good luck on your new purchase. You’ll love it.

I don’t really have the time to give you a list of apps to look into. I know quite a few. I’ll update here before you get your phone home tomorrow.

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I went to an O2 store (on day 1) and had no problems, would highly reccomend them.

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I’m guessing that the Apple Store isn’t an option – in my experience, buying directly through apple was flawless. I’ve heard that CPW can feel much more like you’re getting the hard-sell if you know what I mean.
Whatever, it’ll be worthwhile because the iPhone is going to change your life.

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Kristian – thanks for your response.

The Apple Store would be an option, but my nearest one is the next city (Glasgow). There’s a premium reseller in Edinburgh, but the closest thing to my work is a Carphone Warehouse, closely followed by an O2 store.

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CPW will try to pressure you into buying insurance at the point of sale. Don’t succumb!... you can get a much cheaper insurance deal from third parties – shop around on google.

Oh, and for free apps, be sure to check out the itunes remote control, and aurora feint (very slick puzzle game!).

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alright ben… did you get your iphone?
I got mine from apple, happy days…

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Yeah I did, very happy too!

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