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Have you ever had what you considered to be a very large gambling win?

Asked by JackAdams (6507points) September 8th, 2008

I won $27,000 on a Las Vegas slot machine, several years ago. I was really enjoying my win, until some casino killjoy shoved an IRS form into my hand and said, “We need you to please fill this out, before we can issue your check.”

Some folks really know how to “kill the mood,” don’t they?

Tell The Collective about your gigantic win, if any.

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500.00 playing the roulette, the 13 never fails :D
It took me less tan 5 minutes to use all the money a tie and a pair of shoes

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You have expensive tastes in clothes, I gather…

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@Jack Adams
Yes, but I actually don’t consider my win as a big one :S I just imagine myself with 27000 that came out of nowhere

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BIG is in the eye of the beholder…

As I have told many a female lover…

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When I was 20, I went with my future wife and her family to Lake Tahoe.
I had exactly $85 to my name but she wanted to gamble.
We drove 2 hours around the lake to a casino.
I got $10 in quarters, put 2 in a machine…and won $150.
I gather my quarters, announced to her that we were leaving and have never gambled since.

22 years later, I’m still ahead.

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Well, maybe…

You must figure into the equation, the amount of money you have lost in vending machines and payphones.

With many of those devices, you “gamble” when you use them.

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no one has ever won. the house always wins, in some form or another. you spend your winning on a different game, you go back to the casino a year later and lose it then, or you buy a celebratory champagne bottle. then, there’s the celebratory meal, the cab ride home, tipping the cab driver, tipping the coat check, tipping the waiter, the commission on the deposit to your bank account, because its always a different bank than your own. by the time the nights done, you used all your money.

you might have had a good time, but you still lose.

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You forgot to mention the celebration party at the Nevada brothels.

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We passed through Reno in the early 90’s and stopped for dinner. Not interested in
gambling but the dinners were really cheap. So we won.

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Anytime you visit a casino and leave without gambling at all, you’ve “won.”

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How much did the IRS take from your $27,000?

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