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Have you ever been scammed on Face Book?

Asked by Nomore_lockout (7582points) January 3rd, 2021

Dodged the bullet this morning (barely) with the help of advice from some Face Book freinds. Have you ever gotten a “friend request” from someone claiming to be something they aren’t?

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Got a friend request from someone claiming to be a Muslim lady from the Middle East and a couple of more from supposed European ladies. I asked some freinds why women would open up to.some random asshole guy on Face Book because it seems dangerous to me. (For the ladies mean). Their awnsers confirmed my suspicion that something was amiss. Does that crap happen alot?

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Yes, it happens a lot.

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@Zaku Seems Urban Dictionary was correctomumdo about that place. “Sign up for Face Book, let the Government know your where abouts at all times! Open up to identity thieves! Be sure to post your bank account info and Social Security number!” LOL Some truth to that. I need to be more careful in the future, fore shore.

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I’ve had friend requests from three people I know and they have been dead one to three years. Also the saucy scantily clad ones too.

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One of the reasons I quit Face book years back , was getting tired of the friends request I had enough when Merv from Alabama wanted to my friend.

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@Tropical_Willie Yuppers on the scantily clad. That so called “Arab” gal wasn’t necessarily scantily clad, but she was displaying wayyy too much cleavage and bare shoulder for a Muslim woman. Then started acting like she was ready to move in and play house. Despite being told four to five times that I’m just an old man and married. Wouldn’t take no for an answer. The two Euros were scammers I’m sure, I think Fatima was just certifiably insane. Or else there’s a hell of a shortage of men where she lives. A real trip. Thank goodness I have freinds who can save my bacon. But I’ll know the next time.

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Check you privacy settings. You can set them so that only friends or friends of friends can see you and/or request friending.

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I just delete the request. Literally less than one second to do.

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@canidmajor You can bet your bippy I’ll be doing the same from now on. Screw me once (or try to) shame on you. Screw me twice, shame on me.

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@Nomore_lockout Yeah, the inaccurate part of that, is that government already knows where you are if you have a cell phone, or probably even just drive your own car.

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All the time. You’ll learn to recognize it when you see it.

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Thanks Dutchy ; )

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I delete the request and block the person so they can no longer see anything about me at all (including my profile photo which is always public for everyone).

I recommend everyone see the movie “Catfish” which was about a man who met a woman online and was catfished, meaning she was not quite what she made herself out to be.

I get friend requests from men all the time and the men are usually good looking, and when I click on their profile to see if we may have mutual friends or to figure out why this man is friending me, I will usually find their profile status to say “single” or “widowed.” I never accept it, and I block them all.

I taught my daughter about how she should never reveal anything online to a stranger. Never talk about where she lives or her age or anything at all. I told her someone may present themselves as a teenage girl, and in reality it might be someone from India or Africa or it might be an old man who’s just a pervert and wants to talk to young girls.

One time about three years ago, I did not heed my own advice and I accepted the friendship of someone in the military who had two mutual friends. The mutual friends, who I know in real life, are good people, so I figured if they’re both friends with him, then he’s ok. Right away he started pm’ing me, not asking too many personal questions, not looking for personal information, just chatty. He was nice looking, highly decorated uniform. I googled him (he had his own Wikipedia page) and he was someone high up in the US military, leading the command in Afghanistan. He was about 60, in great shape (there were many photos of him on the internet), went to West Point, his father went to West Point, and he was married. On the FB chat, I told him that I saw he was married. He said no, that was not accurate. I told him that the internet is saying you’re married. I was at work at the time and I was leaving for the day. This whole thing struck me as odd, and it was dawning on me that it was a scam, despite the two mutual friends. I went home and googled his name and put the word “scam” in the search bar with his name and it came up as one that is very often used in scam profiles. I immediately deleted and blocked him. I told the two people that are mutual friends so they could block him, as well.

Other than that, there was a Jelly who some were also friends with on FB, who it turned out was not who he said he was. That was kind of sad because he didn’t seem like he was out to scam anyone, just was a lonely person who, once he started with the fake persona, couldn’t come out and then say it was all made up. He ended up dying, and even though his profile was fake, a lot of people were saddened because he didn’t have bad intentions.

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when I get a friend request I look for friends we have in common. That’s how I’ve found a bunch of Jellies and a handful of Wisdmers and ALL my classmates!

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@jca2 I copy that. I was kinda swept up in that as well although I had no ideas what was really going down. Male bonding thing I guess. Live and learn huh?

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I get frequent friend requests from supposed military men. All I need to do is check their site and see who our mutual friends are. Usually none – so delete request.

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NEVER had that problem because I’ve NEVER had a FB account…Way too much BS comes with an account!!! I have better places to waste my time…like here!!!

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