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How many times do i have to shop at bloomingdales before I am allowed to call it bloomies?

Asked by judyprays (1307points) September 8th, 2008
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4, and you have to buy a pair of bloomies first too, lol!!

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It was 10 back in the day :)

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This is my new favorite fluther question.

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I say make free of them. Don’t stand on ceremony. After all, I call douglas firs doug firs.

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Ugh. Why would you shop at Bloomingdales?

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3.5 times. That is you must have completed with purchase at least one trip to Bloomie’s. Beyond that every visit with purchase is considered one visit, whereas a visit without purchase is a half visit—and you’re lucky we’re giving you that!

Of course, we’ll all know you’re a thin step away from being a fraud if you haven’t taken at least one meal in store in some way.

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the frozen yogurt is really good.

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You do not have to shop there at all. Just watch me do it, ‘I do not shop at Bloomies’.
Here, I’ve done it. Oh-oh… Here comes the thunderclap!

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Shop it so many times till the blomi actualy would not be the blomi.I mean then taste of that will get it self on show.

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I am sorry [Bloomies]

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