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Is it legal for someone who is in jail to write letters to friends talking about the victim?

Asked by SergeantQueen (11169points) 2 weeks ago

My ex is in jail.

His friend messaged me on Facebook because he thought our conversation was relevant for the investigators.
He knew my name (The facebook is under a fake name) and I asked how he knew. He said my ex wrote him in a letter.

I was a minor when this all happened and the court records are all sealed. Can he tell people information about me?

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Sounds like this could possibly be dangerous for you.

If you believe what’s happening puts you at personal risk you should contact the police. By law in the US prison officials have the right to censor all communication between prisoners and individuals outside.

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I would immediately shut down your Facebook and then call the
Police or district attorney assigned to your case.

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It’s not illegal. Police said they can’t do anything unless he told the guy to contact me which he didn’t

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@SergeantQueen How about your lawyer or advocate? Can they request a restraining order?

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There already is one. He cannot contact me but he can’t tell others to contact me either. If he did that is a violation. If he didn’t and someone just messages me and isn’t threatening it’s not a violation

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Basically all I (or the police) can do is document and tell him to leave me alone. (The guy, not my ex)

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@SergeantQueen – Is your “ex” in prison because of something he did to you when you were a minor?

If that’s so, and he’s the one leaking information from sealed court records, it’s harassment. Contact the prison and speak to the warden’s office. They have direct jurisdiction over him as a prisoner, and can close his access to mail and any other communication.

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I can see but at this point I just don’t care anymore. His friend said he never said any other personal information and didn’t tell him to contact me. So I just want to let it be now.

I appreciate the advice but he’s going to be sentenced Thursday. I am ready to be done now.

And yes. 6 felonies but one is what he is being charged with and the other 5 will be read in meaning the judge can still consider it for sentencing but he cannot actually be fully charged. It’ll be a while before he’s out.

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In the meantime, copy the name of this person’s Facebook, then create a new Facebook profile and block them from it. You can block them but now that they know who you are they can always change their profile and contact you. Once they see your profile has been closed they won’t be able to find your new profile once you block them on it and they will think you just aren’t on Facebook anymore. Also, don’t post your pictures to the Public anymore. Only share with people you know won’t share or just post to them in messenger. If you can help it, never post your picture on Facebook or Twitter and never tag your photos.

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This was on a fake account under a different name.

My real account doesn’t have my last name, is set to private on EVERYTHING and you cannot friend me unless we have mutuals. My real account is totally locked down and you wouldn’t know it is me unless I told you.

The fake one is getting shut down for sure yes

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No absolutely not. He can go back to jail if he does.

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He isn’t out. He wrote a letter with my name in it

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I would notify the public defender (District Attorney). He shouldn’t be talking about you to other people, I would think. If you notify the DA, and what he’s doing is wrong, it will be brought up and corrected. If it’s not wrong, the DA will tell you there’s nothing wrong with it. You’d be notifying the DA and seeking his advice.

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