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Does anyone live with both dogs and cats (at least one of each)? How does it work out?

Asked by Yellowdog (11341points) 1 week ago

I like both, and have had both—but from what I know about dogs, they’d be very possessive of the owner and jealous of the cat (or cats), making it difficult for the owner to bond with the cat.

What problems might come up, and how do you handle it?

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If you want both you have to first start with the cat,then introduce the dog.
It doesn’t seem to work the other way aound.

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I have had various combinations at various times, and it has always worked out fine. Sometimes they are all friends, sometimes they just tolerate, but it’s always been amenable.

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For a while it was 2 dogs and 2 cats. But now it’s 1 dog and 2 cats. The one is scared of the cats and sometimes gets feisty but he’ll stop when you tell him to.

Not jealous as far as I’ve seen.

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I never have, but I know a lot of people who have both. Almost all had small dogs. I can think of one that had a Golden, but Golden’s are really gentle dogs.

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We had two dogs, and a cat came to live with us. Never a problem. No one was territorial.

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If you’re going to do it, get a puppy and a kitten. I’ve seen the oddest pairs that you wouldn’t believe. I have a lifelong friend whose girlfriend (a genuine ditz) acquired a pure bred puppy-a male giant schnauzer and a grey female kitten. The pair grew up together and were inseparable. The dog grew up to be almost stunningly as beautiful a creature to look at, but I swear was the dumbest dog you ever wanted to see. The cat, on the other hand was so smart that it was spooky. I was honest to God convinced that she was smarter than the woman who owned her, and I was not alone. But the cat loved and looked out for both of those dummies like they were her own kids. I would actually take non believers to see that patient little cat groom and try to calm that stupid dog. Unlike his owner, the cat could actually exercise some control over the dog. When the poor dummy died, (the poor greedy animal broke through his neighbor’s fence to devour the poisoned scraps said neighbor had planned to set out for marauding raccoons, the cat was inconsolable.

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My dog came to tolerate cats and lived very well with then. Just give them time to acclimate and they will be just fine.

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With all due respect, @stanleybmanly, I have simply acquired various pets at different times and in different ways at different ages and all has been just fine. I never had a kitten, cats would just kind of happen to me, dogs that I had raised from puppies, dogs I had adopted as adults, never a puppy/kitten combo. I never had a problem.

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I have before, and had different experiences. It depends on the specific individuals (cat, dog, and human) involved, the house situation, how they’re introduced to each other, etc.

I’ve seen it work out just fine in some cases, and not work out just fine in others. Cats and dogs have different ideas about socializing and self-defense, and if they get into hostilities, it’s not good. But it doesn’t have to go that way.

A slow introduction seems to work best, and taking into account various territory and safety issues. You can find good advice on introducing cats and dogs to each other on various pet sites. Usually you let the new animal have its own experience of at least part of the house without the animal who already lives there having access to them, until they settle down and feel safe there, before introducing them.

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I owned a beagle and a gray tabby for 15 years and they got along really well

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Pretty much my whole adult life I’ve had a combination of dogs and cats. At one point I had three dogs and three cats all acquired at different times and at different ages. I never had a problem. Most of them got along and if they were uncertain they just ignored each other and learned to tolerate each other.

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When my niece and her husband bought their first house, it came with the condition that the chicken which had been raised from an egg inside the house remain there unmolested and treated like family! There was only one out allowed, and that was that my niece could back out of her oath if she might say in good conscience that better quarters were found which Beatrice preferred. My niece’s cat was perplexed at first by the entire business, but Beatrice, well adapted to a previous cat, was pleased as punch (though avoided like a bath.)

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I’ve had dog/cat combos most of my adult life without any problems. At one point, I had a 2 y/o doberman with a 6 week old kitten. Nobody messed with that kitten. They became best of friends. I’ve had 3 adult cats and brought in an 8 week old puppy. The cats spit and hissed at first; but once they realized that he was trainable, they accepted him into their gang. I’ve found it much more difficult to bring in a new cat than a new dog to cats. i lived on a farm growing up where most of our pets were dropped out of a window by a passing car and they all just fit in. Food was tossed out the back door and it was a first come, first serve buffet.Seldom was there any fights except wen 2 male cats were involved

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I have always had at least one of each.

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Not currently but I have in the past. It worked out fine. At one point, when I lived in the country, I had several of each. They worked out a sort of territorial boundary. In the yard, the dogs ruled. A cat seen walking in the yard was fair game for a good chase. If the cat made it to the porch, he/she was safe. In the house they all got along great.

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I always had cats, as a child and as an adult. I would love a dog but our schedule (pre-Covid shutdown schedule) won’t allow for a dog.

I have a friend that had Siamese cats and then she got a female pit bull. The pit bull was the sweetest dog. When the cats were in the hallway, the dog wouldn’t even go in the hallway. When one of the cats stared at the dog, the dog would look at the floor and not look the cats in the eye. It was amusing.

My neighbor had a pit bull and one of my cats would chase it when he saw the dog in the yard. One time the neighbor had the dog tied up and my cat went and attacked it.

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