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What industry do you work in?

Asked by nebrow (30points) August 3rd, 2007

Just curious to see what fluther users do for a living.

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Web Designer / Developer in Higher Education

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I'm a web designer for a medical school.

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I own a bar/restaurant in Paris,France. It's not as cool as it sounds.

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I'm a high school band director.

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I'm a graphic designer (half print, half web)

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I own 2 sushi restaurants in Tulsa ok

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Health Care

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I'm an Audiologist
(sorry - I didn't read the details at first; it's been a long week)

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I'm a stay at home mother and wife to a wonderful husband and great daughter!

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Retired theatre costumer. But arthritis in hands and knees ended that career!

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Web analytics in the networking industry. Would like to get back into media someday, though

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Web Design/Development

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Health administration and strategy

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Renewable/green energy in the Bahamas

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Rail Transportation Dispatch mostly commuter passenger. Also involves accident investigation.

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I work in higher education with public liberal arts colleges and also teach parent infant classes and consult as a parent coach.

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Financial advisory/investment banking

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Sole proprietor running a graphic design / illustration firm.

Pretty new in the business but very determined… AND frightened to death falling back to my last dip in the day-job swamp (janitor on a freaking gym, with cold-sweating cleaning rounds of agony, passing through the ladies’ locker room, sour comments and fingers pointing at the the door. Not to mention the yucky floor drains in the men’s shower rooms, the toilet rings, etcetera, etcetera).

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Owner of a Michigan Search Engine Optimization, pay per click management, and web analytics company. Wow, that was convenient…but it’s true. :)

Started the company earlier this year, and the stress of being your own boss is through the roof, but the perks of determining how things get done makes it all worth it.

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Education. Very early education.

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