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If you were in charge, how would you get control of a massive building that has been breached by an angry mob?

Asked by jca2 (16458points) January 6th, 2021

I’m thinking of the US Capitol building, Wednesday 1/6/2021. It’s under siege by an angry mob of people – hundreds of people inside and trying to get inside, hanging off of railings, using a crowbar, inside sitting at the desks and laying on the furniture.

If you were a security expert, how would you get in control of this giant building that is under siege?

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Not people. Neo-Nazi Trump supporters. There is a difference.

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Meaning, like, I watched while they laid sticks of dynamite all around the perimeter, and now I want to get control of them after they’ve lit the fuses? I don’t know, but I’ll wager that no one in the National Guard ever thought they’d face a situation like this.

Champagne is popping in Moscow, you can bet.

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Give a warning for people to walk out with their hands up, and if they don’t comply I guess tear gas.

I am recording what is happening, I haven’t see it yet.

Shame on these Republican leaders who are stoking this fire.

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Depends on if you want them alive or not. The latter is easy.

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Well, you can see plenty of pictures of the National Guard in full riot gear massed on the steps of the Capitol during this summer’s BLM protests. That might have been a good start!

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@janbb So, you mean you are ok with the National Guard being at the protests?

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@JLeslie Are you trying to catch me out in something? I’m just pointing out the difference and that maybe there should have been better preparation for this eventuality today.

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@janbb I wouldn’t say catch you, but I am just trying to figure out when people are ok with having officers and military present and when they are not. I don’t think it is any secret that I thought a lot of Democrats were wrong about some curfews and other measures to try to keep cities safe during BLM. Bad people were taking advantage of the protests and it put protestors at risk of being hurt.

I thought there is National Guard present in DC today, I am not watching the TV right now to see what is going on.

As far as Trump and his use of force during BLM, I think some of it was outrageous and basically police for hire, and a total shit show, but not all of it. When he said rioters are anarchists I agree! For some reason Democrats internalized that as to mean left wing Antifa. Any extreme group against the process of the American government taking violent actions are anarchists and terrorists no matter what political extreme and each side needs to condemn it.

Edit: This situation is beyond the protests or street riots, this is literally an attack on our government process in a way that is beyond my comprehension.

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Pepper spray the shit out of them. If that doesn’t work, use rubber bullets. Then real bullets if necessary. Escalation of force, they call it.

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Open fire. Shoot to kill.

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I think the security response, while measured and eventually effective, would have been completely different if the occupation had been related to the a BLM demonstration.

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I would use pepper spray and have a team with cattle marking guns, paintball guns, firing at the instigators in the crowds. One block away I would be arresting all people marked with the paint. Terroirsts carrying hidden weapons determined by terahertz imagers would be marked in red so the arresting officers are prepared. Others would be marked in day-glo orange
I would also have guns.

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