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How many Republicans had an epiphany on the Day of the Epiphany?

Asked by JLeslie (62884points) January 7th, 2021 from iPhone

On January 6th, The Day of the Epiphany, mobs breached the US Capitol building during the Electoral Vote confirmation. Some Republican leaders have finally started to speak out, but what about the average Republican who supported Trump. Not talking about QANON people, they are so caught in a cult I don’t hold much hope, but the other 60 million (I made up that number) Republicans who voted for Trump.

What percentage of Republicans who voted for Trump had an epiphany yesterday?

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Maybe one or two. I found it particularly amusing that Kelly “Loser” Loeffler changed her mind about objecting to the Electoral college votes after the day’s events. Good for her for changing her mind, but too little too late.

As someone else wrote in a different question, politicians are shameless chameleons. They feel remorse and shock today, but that won’t have any staying power. Tomorrow or next week they will revert to their normal low level of honesty and spine.

Is there such a thing as a ‘temporary epiphany’?

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The ones who have any sense of self preservation, or anything between their ears besides a box rocks, are already backing off in droves. Including Pence and Turtle Mitch. I think that’s pretty telling. And please don’t mention QAMORON around me. ; )

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I voted for Trump twice (2016 and 2020). I can’t speak for others but since last November 3rd Trump’s behavior seems consistent with someone in denial, out of control and very angry. A USA President who is out of control must be removed from office ASAP.

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@gondwanalon Thank you for sharing how you feel as a trump supporter. I just got off the phone with my brother who is a huge trump supporter and he echoes your same feelings. Although he did add that he wondered if having Covid affected trump somehow.

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I’m not sure I’d call it an epiphany, but I do think it’s hard to support violent acts regardless of party. This will push some centrists to vote third party, I’m sure.

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Hopefully there were a sufficient number of epiphanies to prevent Trump from ever again getting the Republican presidential nomination or serving in a public office.

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While and “if” they are having an Epiphany “after” four people died in that protest/riot it is a little to late to finally get a conscience.
It is a warning now to them to really think on actions and thins that some purport to be true and to get clarifications before acting out irrationally.

My thoughts on invoking the 25th amendment to remove Trump is actually playing into his hands to avoid searching deeper into his doings all during and before his term as President.
He will claim covid 19 virus or some other illness to deflect responsibility.

God help us all and pray that Vice President Pence will have a spine and NOT PARDON Trump no matter what threats that Trump will spew.

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@Inspired_2write: I don’t believe the VP Pence has the power (authority) to pardon anyone.

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He does if trump is removed from office and Pence takes over as President. Even though there is only a few days left.

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@chyna: Oh, ok gotcha. I wasn’t thinking of that scenario.

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I’m thinking maybe Pence is at the point that even he wouldn’t do it. Unless, maybe Trump has something over him or his family that he would do anything.

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he wondered if having Covid affected trump somehow.

That seems possible. I’ve read that a small percentage of post-covid patients exhibit signs of severe psychosis. In my estimation, he was already mentally impaired and wildly out of control, but even if not, covid could have had a deleterious effect. Assuming he really had it.

“Small Number of Covid Patients Develop Severe Psychotic Symptoms”

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Trump does not seem any different to me before and after covid.

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Another point that was made that “if” Pence were to sign in agreement to remove Trump that

in the meantime “if” Trumps hears of it he could therefore fire Pence and nothing can be done thereafter by Pence.

According to interview on CNN with John Bolton author of the book ” The Room Where It happened” ( Former Security Advisor).

He stated that it would take up to 7 months to “impeach” trump and it would take more Court

appearances to institute “Amendment 25” order as ALL Trump could do is state” No I am Not
insane ”.

More battles to prove which is very difficult Bolton states.
The worse advice that Bolton said even in jest was ” just leave Trump to go Golfing ”???
I don’t think that the general public will be that easy.

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@Inspired_2write I’m pretty sure that the President cannot “fire” the Vice-President.

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@chyna My wife said that the SARS-CoV2 virus may be effecting Trump’s brain. But whatever the reason for Trump’s behavior, he must go.

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I have that video ( just released to the public) of John Bolton stating that Trump can write a letter back disagreeing with Pence .
Note: Today that part about Trump firing Pence was taken Out of that original interview that I saw on TV initially?

Obviously that video had that part edited out before making it available to the public. I wished that I had recorded it while it was been shown on Tv when I watched it .

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I may be mistaken but I believe it means that Trump can refuse to accept the ruling on the 25th Amendment and not make Pence president but he can’t fire him from his elected position as Vice President. Maybe that’s where the confusion lies.

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