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Given his mental instability is there a chance Trump will launch a nuke at some errant country so he could stay in power?

Asked by LuckyGuy (38664points) 1 week ago

Iran? North Korea? China?
Remember, he still has the nuclear codes.
He needs to distract the public from his recent disastrous performance. What are the odds he will do something even more disastrous in desperation?

The odds are not zero. Up until yesterday I would have said the odds of dissidents storming the Capitol were zero. Surprise!

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No.They’re practically zero. Even if he tried, it’s likely the order would be disobeyed on legal grounds or Trump being incapable.

I’m actually surprised that you didn’t anticipate the distrution in the Capitol. There will probably be protests during the inauguration, though I expect there to be a lot more security after the disruptions in the Capitol.

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I think there is a better chance that some nation, like North Korea, would launch a nuke at the US during the supposed turmoil.

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@kritiper North Korea’s ICBM’s don’t have anywhere near the range to hit the USA.

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@Kropotkin A nuke could possibly be launched from a sub. North Korea and Iran have at least one.
They could launch an attack on South Korea during this time. Same effect.

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the leaders in both those places aren’t insane. And I seriously doubt that Trump could at this stage order a nuke launch and achieve compliance across the chain.

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I think he needs to be removed ASAP.

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He will have to do something truly drastic to force the machinery to move fast enough to achieve his overthrow in less than 13 days.

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It’s the kind of last resort he might have been hanging on to, but it’s unlikely to work. I expect he would be ratted out and 25thd pretty quickly. He’s only had the support of the establishment because he wielded allegedly great political power. Now that he is diminished but still thrashing about like Jörmungandr, every Republican congressperson and cabinet member is looking around to see who will be the first of them to knife him.

The closest he’ll ever come to actually starting a nuclear war, killing millions and remaking the environment of the earth, is tearing up the Iran nuclear deal, and time will tell on that one.

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Trump can’t launch weapons alone. Military personnel are forbidden from following illegal orders. Even if the order were not illegal (like launching a nuke on an American city), I would like to think the senior military would talk him down.

But Trump has already been trying to provoke Iran into a war. He did it before with North Korea. Remember when imminent threat of war with them was the biggest topic of the day?

His whole presidency has been a series of distractions. Mexicans!! then North Korea!! then ISIS! then Mexicans!! again, then Iran!!!

Etc, etc, ,etc.

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He is unstable but maybe not that unstable to launch any nukes anywhere.

He is still capable of calculating for his own benefit and for his family’s future.

Their legacy and fortunes will be affected for decades haunted by that theoretical extremely deranged and psychotic act of violence with massive global consequences.

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I think he might try, but I think that there are a lot of safeguards – especially now – to prevent it from happening.

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Hell, he could launch a nuke at this one, if he hasn’t already. And being what he is, he could probably get someone like DPRK to push the button for him. And they would get the blame (but only after KJU has made his escape to Paris or someplace on DJT’s nickel).

Couldn’t happen?

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Trump was never allowed to just use nuclear weapons because he says so. He doesn’t just get a button he could press…

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Pretty sure he’d nuke the US if he could.

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NYTimes “Breaking News: President Trump has suggested to aides in recent weeks that he wants to pardon himself, according to two people with knowledge of the discussions.”

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^^ Well, we could have all figured that one out.

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^^^^ Someone needs to tell him he could go blind!^)

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Trump’s niece thinks unless her uncle is removed from office asap the next 14 days are going to be really dangerous for the country. Mary Trump

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