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What can the US Congress legally do to prevent Trump from running for US President again?

Asked by mazingerz88 (27264points) January 7th, 2021

This seditious tyrant must be legally stopped from wreaking havoc and damaging American Democracy again.

Trump is on TV right now justifying the attack he instigated yesterday on Capitol Hill and at the same time acknowledging for the first time that Biden won. Is he merely trying to save any opportunity to make a comeback in 4 years?

What do you think should be a fair and just response to Trump’s attack on Capitol Hill?

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Invoke the 25th amendment and throw his ass out.

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Invoke the 25th amendment and throw his tuchas out.

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I don’t blame Trump. After all, a pig does not choose to be a pig. Trump shouldn’t terrify us. He has all but a tattoo on his forehead flashing “Psychopath”. The world is full of them. It is the people who pretend not to notice that terrify me. There are FAR too many of them.

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I don’t think he’ll want to risk another loss. He’ll just milk this for all he can get until the last moment and use whatever leverage he’s got against anybody else with an interest. He’s not going to be ready to give up the front page, no matter what it takes to keep the cash and attention coming.

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@mazingerz88: “This seditious tyrant must be legally stopped from wreaking havoc and damaging American Democracy again.”

You want to limit democracy so you can….stop the damaging of democracy?

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He can be tried for impeachment again, even after his term ends.

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The House can impeach the president. On conviction, the Senate can remove him from office and also, with a separate vote of the majority, disqualify him from holding federal office again.

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Although I hate everything he has done, I think we should stop giving him any coverage. Take his smirking face off the front pages and stop talking about him. Let him slink away and let Iraq find him.

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Well the Government is calling for the 25th to be invoked lets see if it will go anywhere..

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Last night unnamed White House sources said Mike Pence does not want to invoke the 25th. It can’t happen without him.

“Vice President Mike Pence is opposed to a call by Democrats in Congress and some Republicans to invoke the 25th Amendment to strip President Trump of his powers before his term ends, a person close to the vice president said.” NY Times – Jan 7, 2021 – by Maggie Haberman

Maggie Haberman has a lot of access to White House personnnel.

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Impeachment then?

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Impeachment and resignation are the two options left.

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Is it worth the cost of Impeachment this close to the end of his term?
Maybe someone close to him can get him to resign, yeah right who am I kidding the idiot probably still thinks he has done nothing wrong.

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There is an argument that impeachment by the House suspends his ability to pardon. The reasoning is that otherwise the president could pardon people involved in his impeachable offenses.

It is briefly discussed here:
Brookings Institute – The pardon power and original intent

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