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If Trump resigns or is impeached and Pence becomes President for a couple weeks, would we consider Biden as #46 or as #47?

Asked by elbanditoroso (30850points) January 8th, 2021

In other words, when counting presidents, would Pence count as one?

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47. He’d be a footnote, but he would be a genuine president for a few days.

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i don’t think that it is going to come to that. Since he has submitted and admitted defeat, those discussing removing him from office has quieted down. They mistakenly think that they have him under control.Personally, I’ve seen him lie so many times that I’m still worried what his next crazy move will be

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Pence would be 46, but there might be an astrisk.

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@SEKA I thought the House was still considering impeachment?

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Well Ford was the 38th President after Nixon. So I imagine even if it’s two weeks or less he would be 46 and Biden 47. Or maybe not. Maybe it will be seen as being temporary like if a President were to become ill and someone took over till he was well again, I would assume they really wouldn’t be given a number.

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The House will vote for impeachment, but it will be next week. They should have done it Wednesday at 4AM after confirming the electoral count.

Momentum is waning. Trump has now normalized Republican sedition and violence against the federal government. Since consequences are light or non-existent, they will do it again to try to prevent Biden’s inauguration.

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What about 45.5?

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He’d be legit as Ford was legit.

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