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Did anyone expect Jan 1st 2021 to bring a bright happy new year after 2020?

Asked by Call_Me_Jay (12438points) 1 week ago

I did. 2020 brought multiple deaths in my circle. The year was mostly a wreck, both personally and professionally for me. Literally the best thing that happened was having a heart attack, because it uncovered lurking problems that have been corrected.

The country and the planet had a record bad year. And, yoohoo! 2021 is starting out worse! One dead among my friends so far, and democracy is under violent attack.

I know January 1st is an arbitrary dividing line – besides calendars most things don’t change. But I was expecting a little relief. How were your hopes for 2021?

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I’m not a great believer in new years bringing new and better things. The election of Joe Biden and the vaccine do still make me hopeful but Wednesday’s debacle was certainly terrible.

Personally, I’m hitting a milestone age next week so that doesn’t make me jump for joy either. I would have planned a party if not for this effing pandemic.

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No. I do not believe in magic.

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Well, I did have hope….

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I hope that President Biden’s State of the Union address is uplifting. Not just for Americans, but for the world.

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Here’s a nice item.

Twitter – “After close review of recent Tweets from the @realDonaldTrump…we have permanently suspended the account due to the risk of further incitement of violence. ”

Five years too late, but I’ll take it.

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So far this year is off to a bad start but I am trying to stay strong

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Politics can fuck off. They don’t affect my mood. I have my own shit to worry about and I’ll be damned if I allow politics to make me happy/sad. I am stronger than that

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2020. 2021. All the same to me. Surprises. Bewilderment. Life. Death. Struggles. Hope. Joy. Despair. Battles. Laughter. Love. Hate. Dreams. Failures. Fluther.

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I tend to be a realistic optimist. The optimist in me was hoping for the best while the realist felt that NOTHING good would happen before January 20. Still, I had NO insight into Wednesday January 6 other than I feared that 45 would find a way to overthrow Biden along with my vote. My common sense kept warning me to not expect too much too quick because change doesn’t happen overnight & after around 40 years of research that 45 would find a vindictive way to repay those that he sees as back stabbing bitches!!! I miscalculated how much worse he has grown in his feelings of inadequacy & how much MORE insecure he has grown. Now I am back to praying that Jan 20 will be my magical day!!!

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After the election, yes. I expected it. And I still expect it.

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I felt some relief when trump LOST the election in November.

I was still feeling that relief on Jan 1, but also some anxiety about the GA Senatorial election.
On Jan 6, after Warnock and Ossoff won, I felt just fine.

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Not really. I expected the pandemic to go on for a lot longer and with the “stolen election” narrative I knew January would be messy. Additionally, it’s looking to be another drought year here in California which means wildfires could be just as bad as 2020. Hoping not. But yeah…not a great start to the year. I’ll be feeling a lot better when I can resume school (which is also work for me) in person.

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we all expected hope for a better future and NO more drama from Trump.

However it looks like a pattern of history repeats itself with riots ,protests, incitements, rallies all in the 1960’s all over again.

People have to learn to use safer ways to air differences.

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@Demosthenes I don’t know a lot about wildfires. The mountains in GA get them every so often & NC has them a lot more often than we do. I’ve heard it said locally that we won’t normally have wildfires 2 years in a row because most of the dry tender has been burnt off & there’s not much left to burn. Assuming this is true, maybe you will be able to bypass the huge wildfires this year. I hope that is what happens in your area!!!

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