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How does one go about getting a refund from Apple the quickest way possible?

Asked by mazingerz88 (25652points) 1 week ago from iPhone

Apple shipped the item but it got delivered on the wrong house. A replacement order was requested but that too would take time apparently so the order was eventually cancelled and a refund request initiated.

The wait for the refund has now gone beyond the normal time. All Apple agents can do is send a report to the department who is supposed to send email updates to the customer. Not one email has been sent yet.

Any tips on how to go about
dealing with Apple so the refund request don’t just fall into a crack where it might take months before someone over there notices it?

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Credit card company and dispute the charge.

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Go to the Apple Store and rob it.

There is no way to speed things up. Apple and the credit companies plan it that way, largely for discouraging returns and the financial hit of refunds.

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I disputed a charge last month, I ordered something on Nov, 20 and was charged on the 21st. Dec 18th the still haven’t shipped but show they are “pulling the order. Went online with credit card company and they immediately reduced the amount due for my next billing. Four days later I’m notified they shipped ! !

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^^The order was made and paid for in November 19. Took three weeks for it to ship only to be delivered in the wrong house. Refund request officially made more than two weeks ago. A debit card was used.

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