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What would you think if there was a "bad answer" option?

Asked by emilyrose (2269points) September 8th, 2008

What if it was obvious someone didn’t actually read the question or the answer was wrong?

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Isn’t that pretty much what the flagging function is for?

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@wildflower No, I think I see what emilyrose means. I was just in a thread where the questioner was pretty specific, but some of the answerers were confused (it was a gender issue).

I guess when that happens (wrong answers or erroneous reading of the Q) others usually respond and correct it in the thread. I think that is better than having a heap of “negative points,” which might lead to people feeling attacked or to flame wars.

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I think it would be begging for more negativity that we don’t really need.

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Well, failing the use of ‘edit’ or flagging to correct an incorrect or incorrectly posted answer, maybe the asked should be able to mark it as ‘bad’ or similar, but I defo don’t think it should be an option for all users to give negative ‘lurve’. That leaves the system a bit open to abuse – by trolls and such….

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I don’t think it’s a good idea. The point system we now have is confusing enough to some users. Why muddy the waters more?

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I’m chiming in with “bad idea”, too. If someone missed the point of the question you can tell them that. There’s no reason to add a virtual hand slap.

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I think it would be a good idea to lose 3 lurve for a bad question.

Prime Example: the question about anal sex with the very misleading title

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@scamp: WHAT “point system?”

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@aanuszek1: Some people would thrive on that sort of negative attention, too.

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I think it would get used. And abused.

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I actually do think it’s a bad idea but couldn’t erase my question. How do we do that? Is that even possible while still in “edit“mode???

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@emilyrose I thought it was a good question. It is worth exploring periodically. Lurve to you.

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@JackAdams Lurve points

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This would stifle the expression of dissenting points of view. If someone asks a loaded question, they could use this feature to bludgeon anyone who calls them out on it. Another Q&A site which shall remain nameless tried this for awhile and had to abandon it because it was used as an ideological weapon.

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Flag the answer or respond to it. Easy enough.

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It would be abused, big time….

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Well, if it is obvious that it is a bad answer, it will be obvious, so we don’t need to have a ‘bad answer’ option to point it out. If it is a case of misinformation or misunderstanding the question, than if someone feels compelled to point that out, they can do so with a polite comment. If it is abusive, flag it. I realize I haven’t said anything others haven’t.

However, I’d also like to point out that I can see someone getting a ‘bad answer’ tag and then the rest of the question page would be filled up with things like that person or others debating whether it really was a bad answer or not. People wanting to know who tagged it as a bad answer, hurt feelings, etc. and discussion of the original question will be lost.

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I agree, that some people would purposely start flaming questions just to start an uproar and see how many people could tag them with “Bad Answer.”

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