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Could you post some links for interviews of mind control survivors of the CIA MKUltra project on YouTube?

Asked by luigirovatti (2806points) January 12th, 2021

I really don’t seem to find them. And I’m not talking about documentaries, but live-streamings and such. And I’m definitely not talking about Christian cults (though they may be a subcategory). I’m talking about interviews with “MKUltra” and “CIA” as the main topics of debate. Enough said, tell me if you find anything.

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At first, came the wireless radio technique-based thoughts surveillance by the CIA then the CIA wanted more control in sense of brainwashing & remote control and MK-Ultra came. MK-Ultra was a flop because it is un-possible to remote control the human consciousness. One can listen to what we are thinking but not remote control what and how we are thinking. All real witnesses are dead.

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