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Will Trump now get a Fluther account?

Asked by filmfann (49523points) January 12th, 2021

He’s been banned by Facebook, Twitter, and Reddit, and Parler has been closed down.
What expert qualifications would be on his profile?

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Our few very vocal fright wingers would love it.
But who is he going to reach, the five or so conservatives that play on this site?

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Just as an fyi – he has also been banned from “pinterest”
If he did choose Fluther for his next target, our mods would be going bat shit crazy blocking his replies as “not helpful”.

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Probably. But how long until he’s suspended here, too?

According to the guidelines, “this type of activity is unacceptable everywhere on Fluther:

+ Not in line with our writing standards
+ Trolling and propaganda
+ Self promotional or spammy content
+ Egocentric attention-grabbing
+ Hateful, abusive, or bigoted
+ Harassment of other users
+ Deceitful or deceptive
+ Publishing personal information of another user without his or her permission.
+ Vague, confusing, or generally non-sensical
+ Illegal content
+ Pornography or obscenity”

“Sorry losers and haters, but my I.Q. is one of the highest -and you all know it! Please don’t feel so stupid or insecure, it’s not your fault.” – Donald Trump.

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God forbid. What would be his username? As much as I like having conservatives here for POV and debate, I don’t want a migration of millions of them, especially not millions of QAnons, and the QAnons move in packs.

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He is an expert at being a dangerous douchebag in my view.

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I think he might already have one.

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Doubtful. There isn’t enough exposure here.

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There’s 2 accounts here that make me wonder. One in particular that asks crazy Q’s like he’s looking for real responses and when you give him an honest answer, he suddenly knows more about it than you do

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Why would he? He knows everything.

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@JLeslie Think that maybe we should start building our wall & make 45 pay for it???
@longgone Isn’t Fluther part of the Twitterverse??? IF so, we should be protected in advance!!!

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@LadyMarissa “Isn’t Fluther part of the Twitterverse??? IF so, we should be protected in advance!!!”

We’re not connected to Twitter in any practical, day-to-day manner.

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Except Twitter stole our founders. ;(

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