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Does the concept of Hell come from the Israeli name for a junkyard fire?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (19783points) January 12th, 2021

I heard it years ago in a television documentary. Is it true?

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My dictionary lists no definition containing anything like what you ask.

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The term for hell in the New Testament is Gehenna, which comes from the Hebrew “ge’henom” meaning “valley of Hinnom” which was a place outside Jerusalem associated with pagan child sacrifice in fire. The area was said to be cursed because of that and was used later as a place where the city’s waste was burned. In the NT it’s associated with hell, which seems to also be a convolution with the OT “sheol” (which was more like an underworld where all the dead go and not specifically a place of punishment).

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Keep in mind that the term Armageddon is simply a bastardization of the Har Megiddo. (meaning: Mount Megiddo)

Megiddo wikipedia article is now an archaeological site in northern Israel but it was a major city and commercial crossroads in Ancient times.

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