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"suzy-Qs" or "ho-hos"?

Asked by charliecompany34 (7793points) September 8th, 2008

the things grown people debate. just recently we got into it about why we like the above and even “twinkies” got honorable mention. what is your chocolate junk food weakness? is it that “plasticky” chocolate bite you enjoy when you chomp down on a “ho-ho” or the stale cake taste of suzy Q’s with the frosty filling? or are you a “moon-pie” aficionado?

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Ho-ho’s w/out a doubt. In college, I can remember buying a box….and the cashier noticing it was open at check-out. She was mortified and starting to call for someone to exchange it for me/....until (chagrined) I told her I had a bit of a snack, while shopping. Ooops.

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Ooh. I like those Sno Balls. Plastic-y chocolate cake, some sort of strange filling that I’m sure cannot be produced using natural ingredients, spongy marshmallow fluff all covered in neon pink coconut shavings. That right there is heaven on earth, my friends.
Edit: I have to add that the wonderfully quaint misspelling of the “Sno” in Sno Balls also adds a bit of charm to the product.

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Ring-dings!! I seem to remember them being called “King Dons” in Michigan when I was a kid. Did I accidentally inhale some memory-altering substance?

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Between those 2, Suzy Q’s. But my favorite, shitty snack cakes are Red Zingers, with raspberry and coconut, mmm….

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Mmmmm, zingers.

But I’d go with suzy-Q’s- faaarooozen solid.

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HoHos. And why do HoHos taste better than RingDings, when they are essentially the same thing, but different shapes? I think in the HoHo, the perfect symmetry between cream filling and cake and frosting is achieved.

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@knotmyday: really? never tried that one.

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@marina: i knew you’d have the scientific angle.

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Check out the kabob recipie.

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I’m with Scamp…Swiss Rolls rule! I also love Little Debbie’s Oatmeal Cream Pies. Sometimes, I even eat some for breakfast.

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You’re all crazy. Devil Dogs are the best!

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As a kid I loved both Ding Dongs and Ho-Hos. The hostess snack cakes I hated were the Sno-Balls. Bleech! I hate coconut.
Now I’ll have an occasional Little Debbie Swiss Roll as they, unlike Hostess, have no animal shortening.

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@augustlan Oatmeal creme cookies are really good. And how ‘bout nutty buddies? Yum, I’m getting hungry now!

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@hoho lovers: How did you eat them? I usually peeled off the chocolate first…

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R.C. Cola And Moonpies are where its at.

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@buster: vintage “red bull” concoction. the kids are sleep on that one.

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@augustlan They are my downfall! I try to avoid them.

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@Marina: Maybe we really are sisters!

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zingers! Yum!!

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When I was a teenager working in Bradlees Department Store (now defunct), I used to purchase Drakes Funny Bones with the peanut butter filling from the Snack Bar on every break I had during my 3 year stint. They were my favorite food! Now I would need to down a tums afterward!

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Is it just me, or is Lil’ Debbie getting a bit skimpy these days? I had a swiss roll the other day, the first in a long time, and I thought to myself, “wow. that’s gotten smaller.”

Back in the day there was the Choco-Bliss. I think the Zinger folks had something to do with it. That was heaven.

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I don’t know, but it seems like I could eat more of them than I used to. Hmmmm, You may be on to something sacaver.

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Haha. This just caused a random memory to come forth…

Back in middle school, at lunch we used to see who could cram one or more of these tasty treats in their mouth and say, “spina bifida” without anything flying out.

We were such little turds back then…

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@buster: I have to agree with you on that one. RC and moonpies. mmmmmmm!!

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@sacaver, ha ha! that reminds me of smashing someone’s cheeks together until their lips pucker, and telling them to say chubby bunny or pizza pie.

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Hostess cupcakes and Snoballs.

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Just as an FYI, at the big state fair in Dallas, Texas, they have deep fried Snoballs. I couldn’t imagine such a thing. Nor could I eat one.

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lol…gotta love State Fairs. We have deep fried everything in Wisconsin as well. I’ve tasted a few things… To me anything deep fried is fair game.

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