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Hypotethically speaking, if by time-traveling we can't change the past, does it mean we don't have free will?

Asked by luigirovatti (2389points) January 13th, 2021

I premise that, just because it’s mostly accepted the many worlds interpretation, doesn’t necessarily mean free will still exists.

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You might not be able to change your past but you certainly can travel to another alternate demention that more suits your liking

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@RedDeerGuy1: What if it was still predestined?

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Ten Dimensions Explained

Time is just 1 of 10 alternate dimensions. Time is no more special than any other dimensions. Everything has been done and all alternatives lived.

Just pick the one you like the best when, or if, you get the choice. Free will only happens when you are a (g)od small (g). After mastering the 10 dimensions then one becomes a (G)od large (G) of ones own universe.

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@luigirovatti , I don’t see what your point is. The many worlds interpretation says nothing about free will.

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It doesn’t matter if you are able to change the past or not. The very fact that you chose to time travel in the hope of changing/observing/analyzing something, proves that you do have free will. Think about it…..

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We can’t WILLINGLY change the past because it would affect the future, possibly our future and existence. It is called a “time paradox.” Free will will still exist, but yours, time traveler, as you travel in time, has to be curtailed as far as any changes that may occur in the natural time line because of your intrusion into time.

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@RedDeerGuy1 , Changing things in another universe has no effect on this universe.

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I’m guessing that you love the new StarTrek, I’m sure it’s full of answers to your question, but by any scientific standard I’d call utter nonsense. After 5 or 6 iterations they finally fell of a cliff. As for your three part disjointed question. What in the name of Jules Verne does the impossible notion of time travel have to do with concept of free will? All of course wrapped in a hypothetical cop out. With due respect, back to the drawing board.

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No, because in addition to not being able to change the past by time-traveling, we also can’t travel backwards in time.

At least, not the way that time travel fantasies tend to portray it.

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I don’t think that if time travel was possible it is only to observe as change is not possible once past.

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We have free will because we have just one world and in it does exist just the possibility for theoretical time traveling.

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