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What social media platforms are Trump supporters now using to get their information?

Asked by LuckyGuy (38673points) 5 days ago

Now that Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, Amazon, Apple, Google, Shopify, SnapChat, TikTok, Reddit, Pinterest, Twitch, and others have banned Trump, where are his followers going for their daily dose of inspiration?

Will he start using a platform secretly provided by Putin?

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@LuckyGuy: “where are his followers going for their daily dose of inspiration?”

They could go back and read the classics like “Mein Kampf”, watch Fox and OAN, join MeWe and Gab, listen to AM talk radio, view any of the millions of conservative sites, or just listen to the voices in their heads.

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@LuckyGuy Probably will be ham radio and phone. CNN hasn’t stopped playing his last orders to his supporters.

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I know people using Gab. I assume it’s still up?

It’s still happening on Facebook too. Facebook hasn’t deleted all Trump supporters, or all conversation defending Trump. Facebook is deleting QAnon messaging and hate speech and links and posts of fake doctors and false information about covid and vaccines.

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MeWe or Facebook for the most. Many are leaving social media completely.

With the data breach on Facebook in 2020 and the hackers on Parler, many hardcore Reps (not Centrists) are feeling targeted right now and feel like Parler was a trick to get their info, including GPS locations.

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He’ll be here any minute. His avatar will be an orange jellyfish. There will be a throng of followers along with him. All name @crazyguy_1 through 100 or @YellowDog_1 through — well, you get the idea.

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@KNOWITALL I hadn’t heard the Parler trick. Pun intended.

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There are signs that they are actively scouting smaller more obscure “social” sites that provide anonymity, but have few active moderators or filters to screen out abuse.

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@JLeslie I’m not that disturbed by it myself, it always felt like a set up to me.

It’s no different than finding out someone here was a Russian spy, and all the public postings we’d made were put out to the general public. It may not be comfortable, but we all know the rules. Don’t want it out there, don’t type it. Especially for criminal activity. Geesh.

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@KNOWITALL Right. My mom always said if you don’t want anyone to know don’t write it down.

I think some lunatics seem to think it’s not a crime to storm the Capitol or threaten someone with a gun or whatever crazy things.

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@JLeslie They are allowing their emotions to override their common sense.

One thing to consider, is it still a crime when a Congressperson is inciting violent acts, or a President? If the answer is yes, then it’s ignorant to do their dirty work for them.

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@KNOWITALL None of my friends who lived over are planning crimes, they just wanted to be able to still share links about vaccines killing Africans and masks getting you sick, and Trump winning the election.

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Someone posted on Parler as WHAttorney telling anyone that was involved in the DC event to post on Parler where they lived and what they did in DC during riots. So that the lawyer would get them a reduced sentence .

They did !!

I wonder if the FBI has someone named Rosalind like the WHAttorney

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@JLeslie They would have to be beyond stupid to not think of it as a crime. They know, they either didn’t care because for some reason they thought this would automatically make Trump their President again so their records would be wiped clean or they figured they are white and will walk away with just a warning, because Trump has them believing they are all above the law.

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One America News Network, still on YouTube

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I have a typo, it should be moved over not lived over.

@Pandora I figure some are that stupid, some are so brainwashed it is like taking a bullet for your country, and some are criminals at heart already. I’m talking about the people who went breached the Capitol, I don’t mean the average person on Parler. There are the ring leaders who are winding this people up also, they feel untouchable I think.

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Social Networks:
– Gab
– MeWe

– YouTube
– Rumble
– DLive

– Newsmax

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I am fascinated by the happenings in America nowadays. Are you all ok with a ban on people from social platforms? Wouldn’t that become a one sided bubble then? How come none of you have a problem with social media platforms acting arbitrarily on their own? Today it was someone you didn’t like but tomorrow, it could well be you!

PS: I am not an American and I have no intention of taking any side. Been alive long enough to know that EVERY side is evil. So please, don’t bother labeling me (I’ve seen that happen). I do think your old incumbent was a joke….and also think the incumbent to be is of similar credentials. Am just curious about the apparent lack of outrage over social media platforms for taking arbitrary decisions…

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@AK I’m ok with a ban when the writing violates the platform’s rules. We can get banned here for writing hate speech or making personal insults. That is fine. We agreed to those rules when we joined.
I am seriously worried that at some point social media platforms will be charged with “aiding a betting a crime” if they do not respond.
In America we can sue anyone for anything. It just takes money. If someone used twitter to arrange an attack on my home you can be sure I would sue twitter for allowing it. The website backpage was shut down because it facilitated child prostitution and trafficking. There was very little opposition.

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Honestly! Do you really care?

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They took Hitler wannabe’s megaphone away and you’re crying @si3tech – - – just like Trump !

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@AK Most conservatives have left this site, so you are not really getting a good cross-section of ideologies here as we used to. Many of us do have a problem with it, actually.

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@LuckyGuy, @AK, @si3tech, @Tropical_Willie, @KNOWITALL – This isn’t my question. And as far as a response to everything that’s been posted, it’s not my job to give out passing or failing grades. I can only answer for myself, for what it’s worth.

As someone who rejected every type of partisan American politics years ago, this discussion only interests me as much as it proves I made the right decision.

Do I really care that conspiracy theorists and far-right trolls are having their access to online public forums shut down?

No. I don’t.

Am I troubled that “conservatives” have left this site, and somehow a cross section of opinion may no longer be represented?

No. I’m not – Any more than I am whenever “liberals” bail out.

Do I worry that expelling dangerous fringe groups from Twitter, Facebook, TikTok, and other platforms is pouring “gasoline on a fire”, and only driving them underground?

No. I don’t – This dumpster fire of a crisis has been burning in the open for over 12 years, with every belligerent political hack who can scream or type in caps throwing on fuel. It only became a danger to democracy when these thugs were treated as though they were voices for a legitimate cause, and crawled out from under their rocks to attack anyone who disagreed with them. Expelled, indicted, disarmed, and underground is where they belong and what they deserve.

The labels both sides use in all this fallout are meaningless. The mob that stormed the Capitol are not true Republicans and not real conservatives. They are violent extremists who reject democracy and are pledged to a cult of personality. The idealogues on the other side are neither liberal or democratic in any way that matters.

So what a treat this shitshow is for anyone who cares about facts, believes in justice, or still hopes that prosperity and progress can give us all better lives. Unfortunately there’s still no vaccine for sick politics.

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“The labels both sides use in all this fallout are meaningless. The mob that stormed the Capitol are not true Republicans and not real conservatives. They are violent extremists who reject democracy and are pledged to a cult of personality. The idealogues on the other side are neither liberal or democratic in any way that matters.”

. . . but they were energized by Trump including instructions to “stand by” and then to march down Pennsylvania Ave. Hitler wannabe is pissed he lost the election now he is going around and breaking everything he can, by getting other people to do it.

GOP congress people had private tours (when none were allowed) to show people where Pelosi and others had their offices; we will find out later if it was to tell the assassins to be where to strike.

OH why didn’t TRump feel threatned during this killing ? ? ?

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@Tropical_Willie – And you’re explaining this to me…why?

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