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Does the fact that panic buttons installed in Capitol offices were clandestinely removed prior to the insurrection, point to a deeper conspiracy to get legislators intentionally killed?

Asked by ragingloli (47648points) 5 days ago

Together with footage of capitol police letting rioters in, and taking selfies with them, it does seem to point to there being a saboteur.

“Groh told The Boston Globe that the group barricaded the door with furniture and water jugs that had piled up during the pandemic before she pulled out a gas mask.

But when she looked for the special panic buttons, she found they had been removed.

Every panic button in my office had been torn out—the whole unit,” she told the newspaper, adding that the team could come up with no rationale as to why. The staffer said that she had used them before and they had not switched offices since then.

She explained that, because of multiple death threats aimed at Pressley over the past two years, it had become routine for her staffers to run through safety drills. Pressley, as one of four progressive Democratic representatives in “The Squad,” has faced racist attacks from Trump supporters.

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I’m going with “yes” too.

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Fucking sounds like a possibility….

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FBI and DHS have impounded more than 40 computers, laptops, and other devices from individuals already arrested. In addition investigators have cracked social media accounts and encrypted phone records. Data they’ve collected so far shows that detailed plans for occupying Congress and targeting individual legislators were being developed more than a month in advance – And that some individual law enforcement officers and active duty military were involved.

Selected senators and representatives were singled out for assault, kidnapping, and death. Congress has already received closed door briefings on the risk, but most information is being withheld from the public until indictments are made.

It’s much worse than most of us think.

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Well Trump and the Rep/cons will stop at nothing to stay in power,another big axe chop to the democracy tree.

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@JLoon Where can I read more about the info in your post?

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@SQUEEKY2 You are correct. These people don’t give a rats ass about democracy, they want a one party dictatorship. And probably a theocratic dictatorship. That’s who they are, that’s what they’re about, that’s where they’re coming from. And they can lie and disseminate all they want to, I’m not hearing their B.S.

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@JLoon Thank you! I have looked but couldn’t really find anything regarding the back story. Scary stuff!

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Yes, and they had better reinstall them before anything worse might happen.

I don’t trust that Trump will go peacefully unless heavily guarded?

I fear for the Senate and Pelosi !

The Senate room should be swept for devices or even better have the hearing/trial at the its heavily protected.

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This video taken during the attack is disturbing to say the least. Capitol Hill attack

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