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Why should Democrats trust Republicans to turn down the temperature?

Asked by JLeslie (61808points) January 13th, 2021 from iPhone

I’m watching the House debating about the second Trump impeachment and a few Republican congressmen saying now it’s time to turn down the temperature and not fuel the political divide already in the country.

Why should Democrats trust Republicans will cool down their pursuit of the political divide? Over and over again they show how they go for the jugular and lie when it suits them. Most recent example appointing a Supreme Court justice. I personally don’t have a problem with them pushing through their appointment I have a problem with them blocking Obama being able to nominate and have hearings for a justice. Lindsey Graham told a flat out lie.

Is there any reason to trust Republicans?

Specifically to Republican jellies: do you want more unity? Or, do you want the Republican agenda pushed through at all costs?

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Knee jerk response from (some) republicans.
Same rhetoric you hear after the umpteenth school shooting.
“Now it’s not the time to discuss this/make hasty decisions.
Let us mourn the victims first.”
(And of course the obligatory thoughts and prayers…”

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By saying there should be no impeachment since there is only one week left in his presidency, they are saying the President’s oath of office doesn’t apply during the last 2 weeks in office.

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The encouragement of violent opposition, and the at its failure a call for peace and forgiveness is outragious!

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Republicans should not be trusted. What have they done to earn confidence?

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I want unity more than my political agenda fulfilled.

Let’s get through Covid, see what the Dems can get done, and go from there. We collectively need the mental break after Trump is out.

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Some GOP don’t want their names brought up

Some GOP believe he should get a bye, leas than a week.

Some GOP want Trump’s coup attempt to work.

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@KNOWITALL You know I want unity too.

My fear is most Republicans will not want to give Biden credit for unity. Even though everyone will deserve credit if people start cooperating, I think they won’t want it to be under a Democratic President. I was just talking to a friend who is easily paranoid by a lot of the Q type messaging, but not a Trump groupie, although I assume she voted for him. I know she does not agree with everything he does. Anyway, she just said to me when we were messaging that Biden has done nothing to unite the country, and he has constantly talked about uniting the country, so obviously her sources of information don’t show that, and to be honest I have no idea what she wants specifically done to show an olive branch, I should probably ask her. Maybe she meant the impeachment.

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@JLeslie With this bipartisan vote, all doubt is gone. It would be nice to hear a speech on unity and I expect that soon. He’s already done it a few times that I’ve seen.

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The impeachment and 25th amendment attempt is not dividing the country. Sure there is a splinter group that opposes it but the vast majority of US citizens and lawmakers agree that it should be done. Looks like DT finally did something to unite the country.

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I thought it’s only ten Republicans who voted with the Democrats? When I saw some of the names I think they are from states that often vote blue for president and governor. It seems to me Republicans can twist that and not see it as very bipartisan. I haven’t heard that, but I haven’t been watching or listening to right wing TV and not talking much politics with friends right now.

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