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Would you like to be a fly on the wall at the White House tonight?

Asked by elbanditoroso (29134points) 1 week ago

I’d love to hear what Trump is saying – whether he’s swearing, slugging people, abusing his wife…

Do you see him taking this second impeachment with calm equanimity?

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Well, flys are attracted to shit, and I’m sure it’s flying there.

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@elbanditoroso Flies can’t hear. They don’t have ears,

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Hey @Yellowdog with a two second google search just for you…
Flies hear with their antennae. ... During the process of hearing, a sound receiver is set in motion by sound waves. In the case of humans, the eardrum acts as a sound receiver; in the case of flies, this task is fulfilled by the outer segments of the antenna.

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I think he is talking to lawyers and also planning his new cable channel and website. Also, isn’t he planning to pardon himself and his kids? He might be working on that. Lastly, doing his usual, “look at these idiots so gullible,” regarding his groupies, and shaking his head at how easy it is and almost in disbelief himself.

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Not only is @Yellowdog wrong about the big stuff, it is clear that his knowledge of entymology is also lacking.

@Yellowdog I assume you know the colloquial English expression “a fly on the wall”?

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Without being able to give Dump a piece of my mind, I would find it nauseating.

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I think he’s calling the travel agent for places unknown . . . . .

Nobody wants him except the Arabic countries (where ever he lands there he’s toast)

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@Yellowdog… “Fly on the wall” is just a colloquialism. You don’t know this?

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It would be slightly preferable to being the fly on Mike Pence’s hair.

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The day he was banned from Twitter would be better.

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Forget flies and trump. Imagining him suffering is enough. Wish I can work at the WH during Biden’s stay. A visit as tourist is more realistic.

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Re: “I think he is talking to lawyers and also planning his new cable channel and website.”
On the News yesterday it stated that his channel contract was cancelled.
( I red the ticker tape as the News was on. ( that is where I read it)
As I stated before.
.ALL his followers will jump ship as well as much more will distance themselves from him in any way.
It surly seems that the only thing that got Trumps dandruff up was WHEN HE LOST MONEY!

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@Inspired_2write Interesting! I’m just watching The View now and Meghan McCain has statistics about Republicans and Trump voters that are shocking. They love him. I could retrieve it and write the stats if jellies are interested.

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He’s refusing to pay Giuliani for being his personal lawyer. Lol!

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Wow, admiring?
That is shocking that some are still deluded?
Perhaps it will take time to settle in that they would come to see that they blindly followed “like sheep’ to the slaughter.
I thought that most people had an inner compass to gauge what is right and wrong?
A conscience?
But some are not emotional mature enough yet?

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“He’s refusing to pay Giuliani for being his personal lawyer.”

Trumps behavior as always shown that he will backstab anyone if he feels cheated or upset.

Trouble becomes more violent when Trump backstabs a violent criminal or one who knows

one to get his money owed to him.

I heard that Giuliani will lose his legal title as “Lawyer” from the Barr Association.

So it seems all those that supported Trump in bad dealings will lose as well…all that they

obtained through fraud.

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The Art of the Deal, chapter 13: “You can also make more money by not paying your lawyer fees. It helps to make your lawyer feel he is your best friend, that way he probably won’t sue for his fees.” ~

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Apparentlynthis most recent impeachment “irritated” him. He’s blaming Guliani, Pence, probably Melania too….everyone but himself.

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Does Attorney Client privileges still apply if you stiff your lawyer ? ?

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