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What is a good software for burning CD's for the MAC?

Asked by qualitycontrol (2573points) September 8th, 2008

Searched and have found nothing comparable to what I used on my PC which was nero…Please help!

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To just burn music i would use iTunes. But if you want to burn data, movies, mp3, ISO, VOB then use Toast Titanium by Roxio. Its a very good program for ripping DVD’s copying and generally doing everything that Nero can do. Its not freeware but its well worth the cost (or you can acquire it some other way)

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Data only: Finder
Music data, audio CD, and .mp3 audio CD: iTunes
Video DVD: iDVD
All are free and included with new Macs.

Everything else: Toast

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I used nero and liked Toast way better. But maybe I just didn’t get Nero. I thought the UI was awfull.

Other wise, what sndfreQ said is right on if your looking for free.

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How do I burn mp3 Cds with iTunes?

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go to Itunes then preferences

then go to advanced

then choose burning

under “Disc Format:” choose MP3 CD

Make sure you stomp on the ground 3 times and shout HOOSKADOOOO.

and there you have it.

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I use Burn. It is great open source software. No coasters yet.

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@jp-hey thanks for that. I had never heard of it. I would rather not pay for the extra stuff in Toast like DVD menu authoring and such. nice find.

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Second johnpowell with Burn. Leaves no need to buy Toast Titanium.

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