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Has anyone who converged violently on the Capitol on January 6th been heard to say "I think we were wrong"?

Asked by Jeruba (51090points) 1 week ago

Is there any expression of remorse among the participants? Any recognition that they were lied to, misled, duped, used? Any?

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Yes. At least one guy seemed to have done so. As to his sincerity I hope it was genuine. There’s a chance he was merely trying to protect his job and avoid other forms of protest against his actions.

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Good question. Those people who were NOT blm and antifa would surely realize the truth! And be shocked!

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@si3tech Please stop lying. It was not Black Lives Matter or Antifa. There were no Black people there and no antifa. There were people wearing Nazi slogans, Civil War t-shirts, carrying Conferderate flags. Best of all, there was no reason for either BLM or Antifa to protest the vote or storm the Capitol.

Stop lying for once!

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@si3tech Are you the one who reported this man as antifa?

Don’t spread your lies here.

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Cuz really, the guy dressed as a cow only shows up to the Qanon stuff. <eyeroll>

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It was not Antifa people or BLM folks.
It was trumps following.

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Here’s just one article from Snopes disproving one of the supposed antifa connections:

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@janbb I have to say I disagree; I did see some Black people in pictures and video (not saying they were BLM). But saying there were NO Black people there is a pretty sweeping statement.

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@smudges I stand corrected then but my main point still holds.

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A friend of mine showed me a video of one of these far right wingers backpedaling. She said she listens to him all the time and now the government is preventing free speech and trying to stop him from being able to have his show/podcast whatever it is.

He was not present, but I guess he was on the internet all the time akin to talk radio, and now he is saying he never encouraged what happened at the Capitol and flat out never approved of any such thing. I saw a few minutes of his video. I think he’s just trying to save his own ass. I don’t think he had some sort of epiphany.

All these absolutes people claim above just help the other side continue in there delusion. When will people learn.

It’s quite obvious QAnon, WS, Neo-Nazis, there is overlap there planned and participated in the attack on the Capitol. They are the ones who believe the vote was rigged. They are following marching orders to stop the certification of the electoral vote. They are the ones on Parler and other platforms organizing to meet at the Capitol and do something to stop the electoral process. Photos of people who are known Trump supporters wreaking havoc and also they have been and are being arrested.

On the other hand, there easily could be someone who identifies antifa there to see what happens or someone very extreme left who hoped the WS go through with it and was in the crowds outside. Get one picture of them and people saying there is no antifa become liars.

Total flat out denial is counterproductive. It does not erase the culpability of Trump, QAnon and the others just because one stray left wing extremist might be there. I have no idea if there was anyone there like that, but this constant back and forth. Tiresome.

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Here’s one guy expressing remorse. A navy seal no less who was part of it.

“I am sorry we didn’t succeed and sorry I was caught.”

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I would be surprised if no one expressed any regret, but it is not going to be a loud voice. The most extreme are anti-government and will view this as just the beginning. Some of the people who participated and got caught up in the moment may feel regret. But any kind of mass shouldering of responsibility you’re not going to see. The main narrative I’m hearing is that the Capitol rioters were “BLM disguised as Trump supporters to make right-wingers look bad”.

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@Call_Me_Jay Oh, believe me, I’m in the dishonorable discharge put him in jail camp.

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