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In your opinion, which species of snake is the most iconic, visually? Which snake do you picture first, when you think of the word "snake"?

Asked by ragingloli (47653points) 6 days ago

Inspired by a meme, that stated that if you want to learn a language, it is best to live among the natives, which then showed a guy “learning Python”, wrestling with a pair of Cobras.

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One-eyed trouser.

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I usually think of the snakes on a caduceus.

Or, the snake tempting Eve.

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Texas Rattlesnake. Nasty critters, but good eating, taste like chicken. Venom sucking good, as my old pappy used to say.

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Hard to beat the visuals of a big beautiful yellow python, or emerald tree boa.

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Diamond back rattlesnake.

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“Most iconic”? I think that’s very subjective, and I think of various types as being iconic themselves. Cobras are one icon. Rattlesnakes are another. Boa constrictors are another, each with distinctive features that the others don’t have.

So a snake icon for all of them would to be want to be something that doesn’t show specific features only one species has. Just a curvy snake body with no cobra head, no rattle, and of unclear size.

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Green tree snake – Which may have been the snake that tempted Eve, but personally I favor trouser snakes for temptation.

Sometimes I wonder if a snow snake and a trouser snake got in a fight who would win. I think I’ll move to Ireland and start research.

Except that saint chased out all their snakes and replaced them with leprechauns. So I’ll need to bring my own. It could make air travel difficult. Unless I have a private jet.

Obviously this would be a Go Fund Me Project. But I’m really worth it. And I owe it all to you.

Thanks for asking. I’m going to tag this as Great Question. But mostly because I get points for that. And I think we should all be more snake-aware. So we can keep them out of office.

Snakes are environmentally friendly, but politically dangerous. I endorse this message.

But I’m not paying for it.

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King Cobra as well

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@Inspired_2write Geez, that’s a mean thing to say. What do you have against snakes?

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Garter snake. They’re all over the place here.

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When my son was a kid he loved, loved to catch snakes. One day he went to the next door neighbors and asked if he could look for snakes in their back yard. They laughed and said they didn’t have snakes, but he was welcome to look.
15 minutes later he’s knocking on the door with a handful of garter snakes to show them. You just gotta know where to look!
They wouldn’t let him come over any more! LOL!

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Cobra Kai.

Just kidding. Probably a rattlesnake. Though I’d imagine answers would range depending on region.

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That will be the Cobra. Followed by Plisken.

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“Pliskin!” Lol!

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^^Call him Snake.

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Apparently Snake made a mistake when he escaped from NYC to Los Angeles.
I read that his next movie will be “Escape from Goldie!”. ;-)

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Never! He will never escape from Goldie! Never. And he doesn’t want to.

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JK. His next project is WITH Goldie & Kate: one prospective title is “Escape from San Quentin Tarantino!” ;-p

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The drumph snake immediately popped in my head!!!

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