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How exactly does the US come back together?

Asked by JLeslie (63083points) January 14th, 2021 from iPhone

How do you picture it?

Does Biden need to do something specific? Will Fox News and MSNBC suddenly start giving credit to Republicans for working with the Democrats and vice versa?

Will people on social media stop focusing on politics? Will they be more agreeable about politics? Will they listen to each other more? Be less angry? Less frightened?

A lot of people seem to think the last 4 years of heightened division was all Trump’s fault. If he faded away would it really get better in the US?

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The US (the population) has never been “together”.

There are major problems in this country (and the world). If you’re wishing for peace and calm over resolution of these issues, I don’t share your desire. Trump didn’t cause any of the issues we have, and he didn’t solve any.

Trump is a symptom of a rot that we need to fix. He’s not the cause.

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By be coming more stringent in checking backgrounds of would be Leaders for society.

By coming up with better requirements and characteristics of those who wish to hold powerful positions.

By NOT having ONE person hold sole power in situations

( National Guard. Where ONLY the President can call them in was a huge mistake of

procedures and regulations. That was NOT anticipated when originally drawn up)?

That perhaps in the future the Presidents power be only that of Representative of what both Congress and Senate decide in unison ?

( Thus a token figure, a person who transmits the collective decision made by a group designated and representative of all).

ONE person ( President or other) should NOT hold complete Power over others.

Big mistake in the first place.

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Being attacked by an enemy seems to bring us together.

Remember the unity, patriotism, that unified the country in September, 2001?

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The only way is a thorough denazification.
But you lack the balls for that.

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Another possibility:

In Canada we have five Parties elected not just a two Party system.

We have the following:

Liberal Party……. who is presently in Power
Conservatives Party of Canada
New Democratic Party
Bloc Quebecois Party
Green Party
By having more than a two party system we have each checking the other.

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“Being attacked by an enemy seems to bring us together.”
You have 2 right now.
A deadly pandemic, and fascist insurrectionists fomented by the current president.
Too bad that half the population downplays and denies the existence of the former, and actively supports and sympathises with the latter.

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It is of course correct to state that the problem isn’t Trump but us. Trump is a pig. That isn’t the problem. There will always be pigs. The problem comes when people can stare the pig dead in the face as it wallows in its own filth right in front of them, yet allow the creature to declare itself a proper genius and key to their salvation. YOU CAN’T BLAME THE PIG IF PEOPLE ARE STUPID and only see what they wish they might believe. The pig itself is hopelessly moronic, yet even it is astute to the point of understanding that PEOPLE ARE STUPID.

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It’s like asking the spouse of a wife beater what she can do to heal the marriage.

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This isa thought provoking essay on the question of American unity. Hope the link works:

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By realizing comperimse is not a sign of weakness.
Also understanding that the war on poverty is NOT a war on the poor.

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I asked, because people are saying the country can come back together now, and I don’t see it. It doesn’t feel that way to me. So, I thought maybe people could explain the path they see now. I might not have worded the Q well, but I still was very interested reading the answers.

@ragingloli I agree with you about covid having had the possibility to unify, it did for a few weeks. Even George Floyd’s death did for a moment. To your point, the Nazis infiltrated the dialogue and that moment was fleeting.

As far as denazification, I don’t think that’s enough to unify America even though it would be really nice to get rid of the Nazis here. They are being driven underground again to some extent, but it’s too little too late, and the influence is still across the masses here.

@janbb Thanks for the article. Interesting question about how people might define unity.

@Call_Me_Jay Who is the abusive husband in the example?

@stanleybmanly People are stupid, and I’d add gullible, and easily manipulated.

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When a more popular and accepted Moderate/Centrist political party is formed.

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Americans can come back together if Republicans could resist voting for people like trump to power. Big if.

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