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I have, and I’ve never found it difficult at all.

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Right now I just don’t see myself canceling Amazon. For years I had Netflix and Hulu until Amazon with its Prime movies and universe of online stores took over my needs.I haven’t been using Netflix and Hulu for two years now. Bezos got all my business.

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Yes. I had one of those 30 or 60 day trial things, and at the end of it, I decided not to renew. It wasn’t a hassle, but it took them a week or so to get the bookkeeping right.

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Aha yes, page after page of them trying to keep me subscribed. It ends in some pretty strong bargaining. Then you get an email confirming the cancellation with a big “Rejoin” button.

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@Dutchess_III I agreed to the free month TRIAL of Prime. When I was billed after that date I notified Amazon I did not wish to continue they refunded the charge right away.

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Yes. It was pretty easy but that was a few years ago.

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At some point I wound up subscribed to Prime and didn’t know it. 6 months I didn’t pay the bill because I didn’t know I had one.
When I realized it I called them. They cancelled fornmevand refunded the money but the damage was done. My credit line dropped from $3000 down to $500 (which is fine actually) and my credit remains fubarred to this day. It’s getting better tho. I put small purchases on my Amazon card and pay it the moment my statement comes.

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Sorry, but I’m not quite understanding how you don’t pay. It’s an automated charge.

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Not if you don’t set it up that way.

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So, you went several months without payment and Amazon continued with your membership instead of discontinuing it? I’m sorry, but I find that very hard to believe.

Besides, there is no other way to set it up. You subscribe to Prime and it’s an automatic charge until you cancel (unless the card on file is declined for whatever reason, then Amazon discontinues your membership and benefits).

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I didn’t sign up for it. I had no idea what the benefits of Prime even were back then, so I wouldn’t know if they were continued or discontinued. I wound up with a bill >$200. Maybe they DID discontinue the benefits but kept hitting my account with late fees. I just know it was a mess when I finally realized what was happening. They credited my account but they couldn’t fix the credit hit.

And congrats Darth. You’re the first person in my life to call me a liar.

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Again, none of that makes any sense whatsoever with regard to Amazon Prime. And how do you end up with it if you didn’t sign up for it?

And no, I did not call you a liar. I do, however, think you may be deeply confused.

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It’s been a few years. I think I signed up for 30 days free over Christmas. Then, for whatever reason, it didn’t get cancelled after the 30 days and the charges, whether they were monthly membership charges or late fees, continued to add up.
It’s a really hard thing to understand so I understand whh you’re having such a difficult time grasping it, @Darth.

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Yes, It’s pretty easy really to cancel. I cancel it always whenever they offer me it’s free trial.

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It actually isn’t a hard thing to understand. Not at all. Amazon simply does not bill for its subscription services. It’s an automatic debit. If the money is not in your account at the time of the debit then they cease provide the service to you. It’s always been this way.

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