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If Hillary Clinton won the US Presidential election four years ago, what do you think would be happening in the US at this point?

Asked by jca2 (11041points) 1 month ago

Just hypothetically, if Hillary won four years ago, where would we be now? I’m referring to the economy, the stock market, the pandemic, the environment, education, trade with other countries, our place in the world, our friends to the north and south – Canada and Mexico, the Supreme Court, and everything and anything you want to comment on.

I know she did win the Popular vote, but lost the Electoral vote, and therefore we had four years of Donald Trump.

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We would be a kinder, gentler nation. The stock market would still be where it is, as would be the pandemic (basically), the environment would still be the same but more control would be in effect, no change in education, trade with other countries would be about the same with American companies continuing to move back home to the states, our place in the world would be where it was before Trump, NAFTA would still be here, the Supreme court would be more liberal (which wouldn’t change things too much), ...Better than what we have now, no doubt.

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She would be preparing to begin her second term.

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There would have been far less turmoil ,less huge tax cuts for the wealthy, and I think handled the pandemic far better.

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The right would be bitching louder, the left deflecting better!!! I believe that we would be better off with the pandemic mainly because she would NOT have denied its existence & we would have received BETTER & more HONEST info on how we should have dealt with it. The BIGGEST difference would have been that wearing masks would have been seen as a GOOD THING and even the most stubborn right winger would be wearing their mask!!! Unsure IF we would have a vaccine yet because I’m unsure IF we would have needed it IF we had started out wearing our masks like we should have. The job market would be beer off. The economy wouldn’t have changed that much except we wouldn’t have permanently lost 13 million jobs.

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Clinton would definitely be heavily criticised for her handling of the Pandemic, because the people criticising her have no idea of the alternate reality in which Drumpf won the presidency and bungled everything up.

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Way, way too many variables. Too much of what bad stuff Trump did in the early couple of years is coming home to roost.

I can say a couple things:

- we wouldn’t have separated parents from children at the border.
– we wouldn’t have wasted billions on the dumbass border wall
– we wouldn’t have a right wing supreme court
– we wouldn’t be the laughingstock of countries by the rest of the world
– we would be in the Paris Climate accord
– we would not have broken the Iran treaty
– we would not have given US corporations trillions of dollars in tax breaks
– we would not be kissing Putin’s ass

However,, we would likely still have COVID-19 – but we would have handled it much better from the start.

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Had she won 4 years ago the present actuality would have been set in motion then.
Same result but sooner.

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A few years ago, Saturday Night Live had a skit that covered this alternate reality. It is based on the 1947 film “It’s a Wonderful Life” where George Baily wishes he had never been born and an angel shows him how the world would be different.
I’ll see if I can find it.
Got it! It’s a Wonderful Trump .

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Funny, @LuckyGuy but given the events of the last two years, seems awfully dated now

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Lord have mercy!
I think that with the Republican leadership in control of the Senate that Clinton would not be able to get a lot of her liberal agenda done. Her ratings would suffer from that. Also like mentioned above Clinton’s rating would suffer greatly from her handling of the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic. No one saw that knuckle ball coming. This would be helpful in getting a Republican (hopefully not Trump) elected US President.

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