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Why in hell is Pelosi blocking major consumer advocate Katie Porter, from having a seat on the House Financial Services Committee?

Asked by Brian1946 (29803points) January 15th, 2021

Last year, Porter used her well-known whiteboard to expose how JPMorgan Chase was stiffing its employees, proving she was just the representative we need on the House Financial Services Committee. But Pelosi is blocking her from having a seat.

Right now, the new Congress is deciding who will sit on which committee to do important work, like writing the Green New Deal or stopping Big Pharma from jacking up prescription prices.

Porter applied to be on the House Financial Services Committee, which oversees Wall Street and banks. She needs a waiver from Pelosi, because she’s already on two other committees.

Porter is perfect for Financial Services—she has a background in bankruptcy law and has been mentored by Senator Elizabeth Warren, who has been a champion for bank reform.

Porter has already made a name for herself for standing up for working families and going after CEOs of the banking industry, like the head of JPMorgan Chase. And that seems to be exactly the problem. The leadership has closed ranks and denied Porter a waiver without providing a reason, even though there are five waivers left to grant.

Corporations and banks have made billions of dollars since the beginning of the pandemic, while working families and small businesses have been devastated. We need corporate accountability more than ever, which is why Porter needs to be on that committee.

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Because despite the outliers of Sanders, AOC and the like, the Democratic party is not a left wing party.
It is beholden to the corporate donors and lobbyists.
That fact is constantly overlooked, because the other party has drifted into far right extremism, and because of the constant stream of propaganda that the Dems are allegedly “radical socialists”.

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Look for that to change—and damned soon. Pelosi can ill afford the stick-up-her-butt 80 year old mainline politician persona. A rebuff of the dynamic and brilliantly heroic Porter for the role for which she is so splendidly suited is too glaring a surrender to stuffy traditional palm greasing politics. It’s the sort of ineptitude that authenticates charges of senility and decrepitude. If Pelosi has any sense, she will go out of her way to move aside and let the light of the new guard shine. She should want to take credit for ushering in the dynamic and smart as hell young gunslingers like Porter & AOC. The future is HERE old lady!

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I agree.

We don’t need a Mitch Pelosi in the House.
She should Feinstein herself and relegate herself to the sidelines.

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Financial Services was Katie Porter’s third choice where they get two plus a special request..

”“Under House Dem rules, a member is allowed to serve on two non-exclusive committees. Mine are Oversight and Natural Resources. One can ask for a waiver for a third committee. I asked. Others in same situ got waivers. I did not. I play by the rules, Porter said in a tweet.

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Yup. House rules.

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