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I am putting nursing as a topic interest and it keeps reading it as nice?

Asked by soonergirlnumber2 (1points) 1 month ago

I’m new and not sure of the protocol

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If fluther is telling you your question is nice (or that you smell good or look cute), it’s just trying to be welcoming.

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Don’t worry. You will quickly come to understand that nothing could be less worrisome.

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It’s showing up as nursing in the red at the bottom of your question so it worked. That line is where topics show up.

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Welcome. I hope you find this a comfortable spot if you wish to share!!

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If you are talking about looking for topics using the search bar, that function does not work. It will always return a result of “Nice” no matter what you look up. The exception is looking up other jellies. That still gives results.

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