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What is a good title for my report?

Asked by socialmedia26 (62points) January 16th, 2021

HI everyone I’m writing a report about how the officers responsible for George Floyd’s death were wrong. I need some ideas for a title.

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They were wrong!

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“Police Aren’t Always to be Trusted”

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“Fallen Heroes”

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“7:46: The Homicide of George Floyd”

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“Eight Shots in the Back”

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“Presumption of Guilt, or, He’s Black, He Must Have Done it”

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Race Based Decisions and How They Effect People of Color.

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Crossing The Thin Blue Line

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Eight Minutes that Shocked a Nation

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$20 Democracy.

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Title: How many minutes would you keep your knee on the neck of a man who was pleading with you “I can’t breathe?”

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