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What is a good title for my car dealership?

Asked by socialmedia26 (62points) January 16th, 2021

Im thinking about opening up a car dealership that can get financing approval for people on disability with little to no down payment and an affordable monthly payment. What are some ideas for a name?

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Are you going to specialize with one brand example :FORD, DODGE, GMC, or are you just going to sell used vehicles?

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I thought it would be easier to sell used vehicles from all the major brands @SQUEEKY2

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I would use my name and save the $300 or so title search and legal fees.

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HONEST ABE’S USED CARS We finance anybody.

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Go For Broke.

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How about Honest Ed’s deals on wheels, come down and see us for easy on the spot financing we can get you into a good used car today.

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