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Do you see animals as to be protected?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (17975points) 1 week ago

Or are delicious?

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Both. I feel there is compassionate killing in which you kill animals in one shot with mad skills to reduce suffering. And using the whole animal in thanks.

Hunters have ostracized poachers, trophy killers and we have Operation Game Thief and other programs to catch the bad ones. Leaving game dead and wasted is a crime here and we hate those faux hunters.

Our conservation dept is excellent and has rules specifically to make sure there is population control and healthy herds. Overpopulation can cause extreme problems including disease in the herd, malformations and horrible lives. Culling the herd is necessary. A lot of people are killed here from too many deer. My boss had a wild turkey fly through his windshield almost kill him, by St Louis on the highway.

We also have programs where the needy get donated deer from accidents and our local processors also let us donate there, too.
Sorry, I don’t hunt personally but everyone I know does. I’m pretty passionate about the ethics of it.

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Controlled harvesting is the answer. If you kill all of them without control, what then??

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Especially humans.

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They absolutely should be protected. In all ways possible. No I do not find them delicious.

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We are undergoing an extinction comparable to that of the dinosaurs. It is not just for the benefit of the animals that we need to protect them. It is for our benefit as well. What a crappy world we would have if the only animals were the ones that we raise on farms.

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For your consideration and your curiosity:

In 1878, 1 billion passenger pigeons were killed.

(From TIME magazine, 10–7-19) “2.9 Billion – Number of birds that have disappeared from the US and Canada since 1970 – Down nearly one-third.”

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Who says it has to be an ether/or thing?

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